• Parts of it yes.

    Trump has put in place those who wish to destroy the very efforts they are supposed to be leading, especially regulation.

    Devos wants no public education and no oversight for private charter schools she wants to replace them.

    Sessions who is known to have campaigned against civil rights is certainly not going to take action to protect them if threatened.

    Perry is well known for wanting to eliminate the department he now leads.

    His goldman sachs candidates will be open for wall street to create and inflate bubbles to remove excess funds from retirement plans.

    The natural end of Flyn's outlook (that islam is a religion of hatred that wants to kill and enslave all non believers) is a second holocaust for the genocide of all muslims.

    Puzder's business has been involved in many wage theft violations, and he is against the government using 'gotcha' enforcement. He conveniently forgets that these employees are unable to afford to wage a suit by themselves, are prevented from joining together by class action waivers, and can't even go to court by mandatory arbitration agreements. Which means that 'gotcha' enforcement is the only way to enforce these rules and those who advise employees in arbitration cases would tell them to give it up because they are not fair.

    I don't believe that Trump's cabinet alone will destroy the country, though I do believe that they will do a good amount of damage.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Any time a new administration comes into office, there will be some complaining about the new president’s cabinet picks. But we’re seeing something extraordinary happening now. Donald Trump’s cabinet brings with it a combination of ethical problems, inexperience, hostility to the missions of the departments its members are being called to lead, and plain old ignorance that is simply unprecedented. This is shaping up to be nothing less than the worst cabinet in American history.

  • Doing the job

    Hopefully the selection of Trumps cabinet will allow for change and eventually settle down to a common goal of all the people. People are inherently good and hopefully they will use their common sense and decency to rule the country in a good and fair process. I have faith that the country will survive but it is a very hard thing to trust in.

  • No, Donald trump's cabinet choices will not destroy this country

    No, Donald trump's cabinet choices will not destroy this country. In fact, the cabinet choices that Donald trump picks can only make his presidency better. There is no way that Donald Trump's cabinet choices can be a controversial as he is. It is very disappointing, however, that minorities seem to be missing from Trump's cabinet.

  • He is making good choices.

    Trump is going big. He's not destroying the country with his choices, just because he is not making safe choices. He is choosing people who are actually going to be agents for change. These choices know that there is work to be done in Washington. Things are going to improve under their leadership.

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