• Yes, the latest shakeup will be positive for Donald Trump

    The latest shakeup for Donald Trump continues to be a grab for media attention and will provide a boost to his political campaign. It is clear that no matter how irrational his statements or behavior, Donald Trump holds on to his supporters. The poll numbers may show a recent drop but there are many reasons why he remains in the spotlight.

  • Donald Trumps latest shakeup will not help his campaign

    Donald Trump's staff shakeup will not help boost his popularity. The Steven Bannon of Breitbart' hire means Trump will continue to double down on his inflammatory rhetoric, which has hurt the campaign in the last weeks. And internal shakeups do not indicate any change of tactics either. Nothing positive can happen in the campaign without a significant change in Trump's temperament.

  • No, Donald Trump's latest shakeup will not affect his campaign positively.

    Donald Trump lives for media attention, and the media willingly gives it to him. He says obscene and offensive things which alienate entire groups of people and drive a wedge between the country. We've come to a point where people who previously supported Trump are seeing that he's unfit to lead the American people, and no "shakeup" can bring him back from that.

  • Trump's latest shakeup will not help

    Donald Trump's latest shakeup to his staff will not have a positive impact on his political campaign. It comes too late in the process, where voters already have formed an opinion of the candidate. He is also a loose cannon, and does not seem to take anyone's advice, including experienced political professionals.

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