Will Donald Trump's Support Of Planned Parenthood Lose Him The Evangelical Vote?

  • Evangelicals vote Pro-life

    Trump's support of Planned Parenthood will make him unpopular with the Christian community. However, the Evangelical vote I think is a small percentage. Also, many "church" people are also about helping the poor which is a very Democratic point. The votes he loses may be more based on their need to help the poor than about the Planned Parenthood issue.

  • No, it would not

    His support of planned parenthood wouldn't lose him the Evangelical vote, because if someone is dumb enough to be supporting trump in the first place, it really wouldn't matter what he did, they would still support him. (Filling up the rest of the words. . . . . . )

  • People can see through it

    I can tell you that Evangelicals are not exactly fans of Planned Parenthood. But voters aren't stupid, either. A lot of people can see right through Ted Cruz and his over the top red meat throwing that lacks any real plan and substance. Donald Trump, like him or not, offers strength, solutions and a record of getting things done. That's going to win him over a lot of voters.

  • No, Donald Trump's support of Planed Parenthood will not lose him the Evangelical vote

    Donald Trump may support Planned Parenthood, but he has made it clear that he does not support abortion. Donald Trump approves of Planned Parenthood's role in women's health issues, such as treating breast and cervical cancer. He is firmly opposed to Planned Parenthood's role in abortion, a role that he vows to remove if elected.

  • Trump Still Sees Support From Evangelicals Amid Planned Parenthood Issue

    Donald Trumps assertion that he plans to defund Planned Parenthood is preaching to the Evangelical’s choir, yet his support of the organization does little to tarnish his armor in their eyes. Though his numbers are still not as strong with Evangelical voters as it is with others in the Christian community, many of them seem to identify with his being a threat to the GOP establishment, as they too are seen. Though Trump may not be the most ideal candidate in the eyes of many Evangelicals, he may be seem as the, “least of all evils”. He is challenging the establishment in Washington. He is not afraid to speak his mind and to be politically incorrect, which seems to have endeared him to so many traditional Americans who are tired of career politicians. A number of those in the Evangelical community, especially those over the age of 65, seem to support Mr. Trump’s run for the White House for those very reasons. They can see that, by at least not using tax payer’s money to support Planned Parenthood, there may be a chance for more positive change in the fight for the life of the unborn.

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