• They are a very effective measure.

    Drone strikes are one of the best ways to get the job done. They keep American soldiers from being killed in combat, and they are easy to use. If we combat terrorist with drones, we have the advantage due to us having better technology and money to operate drones and use them to our advantage!

  • Yes, they already have

    Drone strikes have just scratched the surface of being relevant but they are being used more and more by the day. It would be ideal for the United States army to be completely based in buildings while they remotely control these planes to engage the enemy. Not only will drones save lives but they will save money as well.

  • Already there basically

    Drone strikes are becoming pretty commonplace as it is, they don't have far to go to become the norm. People (including myself) have some reservations about how they're starting to get utilized, but I'm not hearing anybody entertain the thought that they're going away, or doing anything but getting more frequent.

  • What if Iran used one in the US and justified it with our own arguments?

    If everyone has a club, it is not a good idea to go around bonking people on the head. As drones become cheaper and more available, countries such as North Korea and Iran could use them to execute their enemies in foreign countries. They would say it was acceptable using the same arguments we are using now. At that point, I believe there will be international laws formalized on the usage of drones.

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