• Dwight Howard will recover

    Dwight Howard will recover from his latest injury. This is so because he will get the best in treatment from expensive and well-paid doctors. He also has the latest in technological advancements to loo forward to in his medical care. Dwight Howard will not be away from the game very long.

  • Dwight willl recover

    I believe Dwight will recover in time. No one can say for sure, when he will be back. There seems to be a lot of injuries that he has had, but he always seems to heal and return. If not this season maybe next season for sure. Hope so all.

  • Dwight Howard will recover in his latest injury fight.

    Dwight Howard has been plagued with a series of game injuries throughout his career and his most recent will sideline him temporarily, like the other injuries he has dealt with in his tenure in the game. While the recovery make take a little longer this go around I suspect we will see Howard back in true form soon enough.

  • Dwight will play again.

    Dwight Howard is a basketball player through and through, and this injury will not defeat him. As with all the greats when it comes to injury, he will have to work very hard and get himself back together, but with his work ethic and desire to play the game, Dwight Howard will for sure recover from this latest injury.

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