Will eating too much junk food bad for your health

  • That this is still in question is absurd.

    The body requires a vast dietary variation in order to function at its peak. Additionally, Their are many well known drawbacks to carrying too much fat, Both visceral and subcutaneous. Habitually eating of high fat/sugar foods undermines both of these by introducing a source of calories which are both harder to burn through exercise, Both due to their number and their chemical construction, And have generally fewer complex components which are useful to the body. No one should be discriminated against because of their body fat content, But people need to understand that it is simply healthier to have a well balanced body fat percentage, And part of this is eating things which benefit your body to eat in portions it benefits your body to consume. Insofar as it is better to be healthy than it is to be unhealthy, It is better to be a well balanced person with a well balanced weight than it is to be an inordinately fat person. Obviously there are exceptions. Sumatori utilize the physical benefits of subcutaneous fat to bolster their pushing power in a sporting context. However, At the same time, They gain this mass by eating high fat foods designed to build fat deposits, Rather than simply for their own pleasure. At the same time, Their consumption is matched by their exercise regimen, Which is itself designed to guide weight gain by increasing adiponectine levels rather than gaining fat through sedentation. Aside from sportsmen, There are people who simply can maintain bodily health despite unhealthy lifestyle choices. However, Nutritional consensus shows that such people are in the vast minority and that by and large, Weight from body fat correlates negatively with health. Unhealthy diet is a major contributing factor and always has been.

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