• Fear Always Has A Great Effect

    There are still many parts of the stock market that are based on fear, lack of rational behavior, and absolute chaos. Any minor detail that stirs up emotions could result in poor market and economic decision-making, such that the effects on the world economy could be affected. In particular, an outbreak in a developed Western country could be quite frightening to people, and as a result, to the marketplace.

  • Ebola will have an effect on the economy and stock market.

    Ebola has caused fear in the US. The fear may not be founded but it is still there. It will cause people to not travel as much overseas and maybe even at home. It could also cause some medical stocks to boom if companies come up with a cure or vaccine for Ebola.

  • I wash my hands.

    Ebola is a disease for people with pathetic hygiene in communities with pathetic hygiene to be worried about. As a disease with potential in America: There is none. People are paranoid enough to take all of the precautions necessary to prepare themselves against infection. The only thing that will happen to the stock market is an increase in medical stock, but other than that, nothing negative at all, whatsoever.

    Africa doesn't produce anything except disease and cannibals anyway, so who cares.

  • Ebola and money don't stick

    Ebola is a horrible disease that no one ever deserves to be diagnosed with. But that being said, there is no way that a disease s going to have a negative effect of the economy. We have lost two planes , one in the ocean that we are spending million of dollars for, and our economy hasn't changed. And the same goes for disease.

  • Africa has only a small effect on the western economies.

    I think, as long as Ebola stays within the African continent, then it will have little effect on the economy and the stock market. The countries affected contribute very little the economies of the West, and there are alternative sources of most raw materials. This is based on Ebola remaining in Africa of course.

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