• The outcome is an uncertainity

    Egypt is a very politically unstable country. The Egyptian citizens have migrated to foreign countries to escape their own motherland and like all other migrants they are searching for better working conditions. Egyptian tycoons have flourished in the Middle East. After the downfall of Muammel Gadaffi the citizens of Egypt experienced a sense of freedom and saw a light of liberty. Brotherhoods are an ubiquity in Egypt. There will be one political brotherhood which will take an initiative to unite the country and try and make it economically and politically stable. Although it may not be recognized as a brotherhood community anymore, but a full-fledged government. So the future of Egypt is and will be indirectly controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Religion The Divider

    There is often a problem when religious organizations tackle taking over a nation. The problem is that they seldom tolerate those who don't agree with them. With the Muslim Brotherhood, there is a problem that they ignore many other faiths doctrines, and that will only go to further divide the already troubled nation of Egypt.

  • Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorists

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a group that was founded on terrorism. The organization hasn't been able to unite Egypt just yet, so why should we expect anything different in the future? Egypt will be united behind someone who isn't supported by the Muslim Brotherhood because Muhammad Morsi wasn't to be trusted in the first place.

  • not at all

    No, they are not going to see a whole lot of changes from this new religion that is coming through. I think that they are still going to have all of the same problems that they are having right now and that the people wil still fight all the time.

  • United? I do not think so.

    The only way for Egypt to be truly united is if they elect a secular government that doesn't adhere to sharia law or any theocratic policies. Other faiths, and nonbelievers of faith, are treated like absolute garbage in Egypt and are under-represented on the national level. Muslim Brotherhood is terrible.

  • No, I don't think Egypt will be united by the Muslim Brotherhood

    I think the Muslim Brotherhood is to controversial of an organization to ever unite Egypt. I think there needs to be a sensible organization that is not as controversial with a stronger leader at the helm to finally bring peace and unite Egypt, I highly doubt it will be the Muslim Brotherhood.

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