Will electric cars become significantly more common in the near future?

  • Electric Cars Will be More Common

    Electric cars will become more common in the future. I do not feel that they will take over for gasoline powered cars. I think in twenty years there will be more hydrogen powered cars on the road than electric and traditionally powered cars. Electric cars still need fossil fuels to produce electricity while hydrogen has oceans of fuel.

  • I hope so!

    Electric cars should become a more common car! I think even more things can and should be invented to make a clean running car cheaper and easier to get a hold of. As of right now, electric cars are out of a lot of people's price range, and the average ones are quite ugly. I think that someone will invent a more classic looking, efficient and clean running car that maybe runs partially on gas just in case you need it, or maybe even has a solar power back up, that is more affordable. I would buy that!

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  • Not In The Near Future

    The definition of near future is pretty vague, and electric cars should become more popular as the decades go by. However, the lower price of oil and the prospect of more oil coming from Canada should keep the price differences between servicing an electric car and servicing a 'normal' car broad. This should keep electric cars in the novelty section of the auto industry for years to come.

  • No, electric cars will not become much more common anytime soon.

    For at least several decades now, environmentalists and green consumer technology enthusiasts have looked forward to a day when consumer markets would begin to solve one of the biggest challenges to environmental protection: making a greener car. While green car technology has certainly improved a great deal since then, one thing has not necessarily kept apace, and that is the taste of the average consumer for alternative automobiles such as the electric car. Put another way, American Joe still loves his gas guzzling pickup truck.

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