Will electric hybrid cars really combat global warming by reducing emissions into the air?

  • They WILL Help

    These cars can help reduce the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, thus reducing the risk of global warming increasing. They could also reduce the amount of pollution and smog in the air. The world is in need of these cars, and all car companies should manufacture and sell them

  • It definitely will

    Regular cars will just keep on polluting and heating the earth, but if you use electric hybrid cars, then they would not warm the air. Global warming is a bib problem when you think of the floods that it caused but if you use hybrid cars then you can help stop it.

  • Possibly but probably not

    It won't make things worse for sure. For those who say no, it may not reduce greenhouse gas emission but it won't increase it either. For those who say yes, it would only work if the majority of the world uses it and it would have little to no effect otherwise. But then again, whatever you argue you can agree that it won't make things worse for sure.

  • Economics vs. Environment

    I believe that we should all pay the economic price of these zero emissions electrical hybrid vehicles, so that our environment will not have to. Smog is the combination of smoke and fog and is attributed partly from our gasoline powered vehicles. These greenhouse gases do not only affect the environment, they can affect the health of our citizens. Look at China's smog crisis now.. Together we can change this

  • Think otherwise

    It increasingly appears that the supporters of the block across the line are more concerned about the fact that the carbon footprint generated by charging batteries of electric or hybrid cars will not produce any significant reductions.
    However,it is important to keep in ind that alternative sources of energy are increasingly finding their place for power grids. Nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy already provides a large chunk of our energy.
    Hence, dismissing electric cars on the ground is clearly irrational.

  • It has already been proven that these hybrids greatly reduce emissions, which will have an effect on global warming.

    We already know that hybrids will reduce toxic emissions. It stands to reason that, if the whole world eventually replaces their carbon-producing gas engines with hybrids, it will understandably have a good effect in reducing the global warming threat. This might take a while but, combined with other measures, it should make a difference.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • If electric hybrid cars actually overtake gasoline-powered cars, then I do believe they can significantly reduce emissions.

    Since electric hybrid cars represent only a slim percentage of all the cars currently on the road, I do not believe they are currently doing much to combat global warming. But, a worldwide shift to alternative fuel sources could significantly reduce emissions.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Hybrids may not reduce all emissions, but they won't make it worse.

    Hybrid cars do reduce their own emissions, which is great. However, cars aren't the only source of pollution, and many hybrid cars are so expensive that not everyone can afford them. If all cars could be traded in for hybrids, then yes, I do believe all emissions would be reduced. Until then, I don't think it will change much.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • Hybrid cars will reduce carbon emissions and are more fuel-efficient, in general, which also helps control global warming.

    Hybrid cars will definitely combat global warming, as the average hybrid car puts out much fewer emissions than a non-hybrid car. Hybrid cars are more fuel-efficient and, thus, are able to burn a much smaller amount of fuel to go the same distance. A large proportion of worldwide carbon emission comes from cars and other vehicles burning fuel. Burning even a little less fuel, on average, has the potential to greatly reduce total emissions.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • Electric cars obviously have lower emissions, and anytime we can do anything to eliminate any emissions, it is a plus.

    Eliminating emissions from cars by using electric cars is a great start to curbing the emissions of toxins produced by cars. Every little bit helps. And it is a great start. Not only will we help the atmosphere, it will possibly help to lower health problems that people have on a daily basis because they breath in these toxic emissions.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
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  • Coal is still the main fuel for electricity generation in the largest polluting countries (USA, China, India etc)

    Burning coal to create steam to generate electricity, with all the energy inefficiencies involved in the conversion process plus the losses in distributing the power, surely produces more global warming nasties than modern clean-burning highly efficient internal combustion engines. Sure, going nuclear for electricity generation solves that issue, but there is considerable environmental cost for that option in relation to dealing with the waste product.

  • They will not

    Hybrids are not environmentally friendly or cost effective. A perfect example is to look at the Lexus LS Hybrid. It will take 102 years to make your money back not to mention depreciation. Hybrids are actually worse on the environment than standard petrol engine. The harmful chemicals in the batteries will cause more harm on the environment than good.

  • Only 0.5 percent.

    If everyone in the entire world started driving hybrid cars and nobody ever drove a gasoline or diesel car ever again for as long as the Earth kept life, it would only reduce emissions by 0.5 percent because the batteries don't hold unlimited power or electricity so it would switch to gas until charged. Also, it makes enormous amounts of emissions to make the cars hybrid or not.

  • Hybrids aren't helping.

    If you knew what goes into those cars and where they were made you would probably realize that it takes more to make a hybrid than a gasser. More pollution is used to make hybrids and the parts that go bad on a hybrid that aren't on a gasser are horrible for the environment, and there is no way to properly dispose of them. Hybrids are garbage.

  • climate change lol

    what evidence is there that hybrids or electric cars reduce emissions? mpg is higher? less measurable co2? ok what about the cost to produce these batteries? do the additional resources appear out of thin air? lithium is very difficult to obtain and when you do, even harder to refine and separate from the earth. this uses huge amounts of energy that far out way the benefits to the end user. but yet, we look at the vehicle stats. things arent so black and white as the environmentalists would have you believe.

  • I do not feel that enough people would drive hybrid cars to make a difference in the air quality.

    I feel that it is a good attempt at solving global warming, but everyone would have to drive a hybrid car to make a difference in the reduction of emissions in the air. The hybrid car costs more than a gas-powered car of the same brand and model. There are other ways of cleaning the air quality, other than switching to hybrid cars. Hybrid cars make a small dent in the problem of global warming.

    Posted by: SneakyBryant
  • Electric hybrid cars can't combat global warming.

    Electric hybrid cars can't combat global warming because producing the batteries also produces a large carbon footprint. Recycling the used batteries produces a large carbon footprint. Charging the batteries produces a large carbon footprint because most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuel. Finally, the cost of hybrid electric cars is prohibitive and not appealing to the mass market.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Hybrid vehicles are not the answer to combating emissions because electricity doesn't "grow on trees".

    If all electric hybrid vehicles were completely solar powered, then yes, using them would be a huge boon in reducing emissions. However, what everyone fails to remember is that the electricity which powers these vehicles come from somewhere. 70% of the power produced in the United States is either from coal or nuclear plants, 50% of them being coal burners. If you stop using gasoline in your vehicle and instead rely on the electricity these plants produce, they will in turn, have to burn more coal to produce the extra electricity required for all of the vehicles needing it. So the bottom line is that the emissions will either be produced by the coal plants or the vehicles themselves. Where is the emissions reduction in that?

    Posted by: P0nyCare
  • No, hybrid-cars will not affect the climate in anyway whatsoever.

    If the climate is warming, there is still a large amount of skepticism in the U.S. to the validity of man causing it. If it is changing, the Sun is primarily responsible for the temperature and heat of the earth. Simply changing what cars we drive will not stop the earth from warming. God is in ultimate control of the weather it is he who ultimately controls the elements.

    Posted by: D Callahan

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