• The Right Wing Will Play a Price Short-term.

    Europe's Right Wing will be weakened by the Norway Massacre. The Norway Massacre was a tragedy and of course people always look for scapegoats. I believe this will play out politically by harming the right wing factions in Europe. Although they don't deserve it, this might be inevitable in the short-term.

  • The Norway Massacre is old news

    Unfortunately for the victims, the Norway Massacre has left the media spotlight. Any damage that may have been incurred from the Norway massacre is gone. The left would have had to try very hard to use the Norway Massacre anywhere but in Northern Europe. Southern Europe would say that this sort of thing would not happen there.

  • Nowar's massacre had no effect outside of Scandinavia.

    In the Scandinavian, great note was taken of the horrific Norway Massacre. However, across the rest of Europe it seems that fringe right movements are on the rise in general. For example, have a look at the British National Party (BNP). There are many groups like this beginning to thrive in Europe.

  • Terrorist Attacks Stregthen Government

    I do not believe Europe's Right Wing will be weakened by the 2011 Norway attacks. These events are two acts of terrorism that I do not believe will harm those who side with Right Wing Europe. If anything, terrorist attacks seem to empower government as they usually offer to help with security for such problems.

  • A strong party

    No, I do not think that Europe's right wing will be affected at all by this massacre. People will be talking about it, and measures will be put in place to make sure that it does not happen again, but it will not make a big problem for the Right Wing.

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