• People are naturally good parents.

    Yes, Eva Mendes will make a good mother, and Ryan Gosling will be a good father too, because they appear to be interested, caring parents. Eva Mendes is a role model, both for Cuban-Americans and for all Americans, and I'm sure that she will take her new role as a mother very seriously.

  • Yes, she will

    Eva Mendes will have tons of help with her baby, so should defiantly be a good mother. She will not have the struggles of most new moms like financial, trying to pay for day care and working full time set hours. She is in the position where she can turn down jobs and pay to have someone watch her baby when she is on set.

  • Yes. Eva Mendes will make a good mother.

    Eva Mendes will make a wonderful mother. Every woman has it in her to be a good mom. Once your baby is born and you hold them for the first time, you fall in love and love is all it takes to be a good mother. Will she make mistakes, yes but no mother is perfect and you can't expect her to be either.

  • Eva will be a great mom

    Eva will be a great mom. This is because she has enough money to raise her child well. And if she can't be there for her child all the time, she has enough money to spend it on highly qualified and highly recommended nannies. She can also send the child to great private schools.

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