Will Everyone Really Get Corporation Equality? I don't think so!

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  • Say goodbye to the Internet's Public Value!

    Government imposing regulations on ISP's will only provoke them to circumvent the laws in legitimate ways to provide tiered services more extremely. And they will justify it as new services and their freedoms to generate and provide services. That will shut public consumers from huge areas of the internet, leaving average citizens with just higher internet bills and less content delivery. Even though politicians argue this differently. Remember, they don't know anything about the semantics of network and technology. And it's truly not up to them what service providers deliver or don't deliver. And it never will be. That's like telling restaurants what foods to serve and not to serve. And why upset the service providers? The only people who will suffer from their afflictions by the government, will be the common people. I'm a Software Engineer, and I get 94mbs download speeds per second for $39 a month at home. I get to all the websites I need, and I make new discoveries daily, more than enough to keep a healthy research growth. I would like to keep this. So when I hear of Net Neutrality, I think yes, it would be great if we all had the same privileges as big corporations, but will that really happen with the Government involved? I don't think so. Big corporations will always get better services and will pay big money for it. That's just business. Moreover, when ISP's stop competing with each other on Content Delivery to the public domain, you can say goodbye to the Internet's public value! And say hello to a feeble government regulated public domain. At that point, the internet will only be worth any real value, when you are working for a major corporation. The content distribution currently being delivered by competition among internet services providers, is what feeds all Americans valuable resources on the internet. The government should stay out of it! Period! Because personally, I don't trust them to be able to deliver better!

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