• I clicked yes...

    I think that mandarin is a very beautiful language and actually rather fun to learn. I have to say though, I was rather shocked by all the racist comments made once I had clicked yes. I myself am English and the comment it popped up with after I clicked yes was somewhat insulting to my country. Also, the comment about America was particularly homophobic.

  • America, whites, and English suck

    Americans are gay, whites are violent racists, and English is a terrible language. China is the only country that deserves to be in charge; they will liberate all of the oppressed people of the world, and give them their right to live in a communist state. Capitalism, whites, and English will all fall.

  • Why would we?

    No it is very complex and has no place in this world. Mandarin is a horrible language spoken by a horrible government(Chinese communist party). This should be banned by nations. Islam Awazi will destroy the Chinese gov any way. I think the world should learn Arabic. And china is the 3rd largest English speaking nation by the way.

  • Everyone will not speak Mandarin Chinese someday.

    Although Mandarin Chinese is becoming a more popular language for foreigners to learn, it will never become a global language. Even today, not all Chinese people speak Mandarin. People in the south of China speak Cantonese. Chinese is an extremely difficult langauge to learn, and it will never replace English as the global lingua franca.

  • It is not spreading.

    No, everyone will not speak Mandarin Chinese someday, because it is not a language that is spreading. People who speak Mandarin are learning English at a greater rate than we are learning Mandarin. There are also things like computer programming languages that would be hard to change or translate into Mandarin.

  • I Really Doubt It

    The only way the world would adopt Mandarin Chinese is if China took over everywhere. Chinese is an unlikely language for many because it is so difficult to learn. Far more people use English and many others prefer the romantic languages. It is unlikely that the world would adopt Mandarin Chinese out of choice.

  • It is not that popular

    No, I do not believe that everyone will one day speak Mandarin Chinese. It is not a more common or universal language, such as English. I do, however, believe that everyone learn to speak English one day. The language of business today is English, not Mandarin Chinese regardless of how many people try to change this fact.

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