Will Facebook be a successful company in 10 years?

  • More Than Likely Yes

    With the historic collapse of MySpace some years back, it might be easy to say that Facebook will not be successful let alone a company in 10 years, but with the collapse of site such as MySpace, Facebook will learn from the mistakes of others to be a successful company in the future.

  • Facebook will shut down in a decade

    I believe that Facebook will be garbage in 10 years just as MySpace is. Now MySpace is barely a social networking site, it's just a site to listen to music. Facebook is so popular right now but decreasing popularity ever minute. The social network community started with AOL in the 1980s to Prodigy to CompuServe to MySpace to Facebook. It's like a domino affect.

  • Likely not

    These kind of things go from kings of the internet to totally replaced overnight. Something new always sneaks up on them and puts them out of commission. MySpace went from untouchable to so irrelevant MySpace Tom has a Facebook page in a very short window. Facebook won't last another decade, despite all its success.

  • Facebook Won't Be Successful In 10 years

    Facebook will not be successful in 10 years. By then the company will probably be dead and an afterthought. They will be replaced by another social networking company. These things are trends and happen in cycles Myspace, Xanga, and many others have died and been replaced, and so will Facebook

  • Not Likely

    Facebook currently enjoys unprecedented success. However, MySpace, Digg, and Friendster enjoyed similar successes. However, all of the previous examples are now jokes that are promoted as tech failures in the 2000s. Facebook is currently very popular, but there are individuals are upset at the company for perceived privacy violations. It is not hard to predict that Facebook will encounter similar hardship.

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