• Yes, some day Facebook's market value can very well be greater than that of Apple.

    I do believe that there is a strong possibility that Facebook's market value will surpass that of Apple. Although the two companies are two different type, one being a social media and the other one offering software and hardware products, and one can argue that the development of technology will allow Apple to evolve and offer more products and diversify it's services I still think that on the long run Facebook might have a better market value. Apple is limited to its on products while the social media is not. Facebook is constantly growing and changing and more and more people are using it. Furthermore now even businesses and public figures have joined the social media platform. Ever since adds have been allowed, Facebook has changed from being just a social media platform to also being a way of advertising products and services. The more people join, the more exposure a product gets. Also think of all the games and applications that are hosted on the platform. All this certainly must bring in considerable venue. Than in connection with the constant development of technology makes me think that one day Facebook's market value might surpass Apple

  • Facebook Value Vs Apple Value which will come out on top ?

    With all the tech giants that are out there now could Facebook possibly surpass Apple in the value of their stock ? I think so. Facebook has a proven advertising platform and doesn't have the product overhead cost that Apple does. Facebook doesnt charge for most of it services and Apple does. If Apple has one product flop come out, it could hurt their stock price. Facebook (at the moment) does not have that issue. Time will tell.

  • social media on the run.

    If you look into growing trend facebook tops the chart. The market value facebook has been growing rapidly. It has captured attention of million of users and make a lot of revenues. Facebook is growing on a daily basis. Apple is facing some serious competition from android, hence facebook's market value some day will surpass that of Apple.

  • As long as Apple keeps growing Facebook will never surpass them

    The main problem Facebook has is it's profits. They make money by posting ads on the side of their website and having people click on them. But do you ever click on Facebook ads? Very few people do, they still make good money because there are hundreds of millions of people using Facebook everyday and SOME people click on ads. But it is a large numbers game, you need a lot of people coming to a site like Facebook just to make a profit. There are only so many people in the world, so Facebooks profits are limited. Apple's profits on the other hand are limited only by their imagination.

  • No, Facebook's market value will never surpass Apple.

    On one hand, Facebook seems to be poised to extract substantial monetary value from its current position as one of the unquestioned leaders of the social media market. Its user base is among the largest in the world, and with the huge amounts of consumer data thus available to them, Facebook obviously has a chance to monetize its position by the services it can offer to advertisers. On the other hand, even with all those users and all that data, Facebook's profits can never compare with those Apple makes on a per-unit basis. Said another way, a click or two on Facebook will never come close to approaching the profit margin of an iPad or iPhone, and so as long as Apple continues to churn out some of the most exciting, user friendly products on the planet, their value as a company will always be greater than that of Facebook.

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