• I don't invest

    I am not an investor. I do not see it as a trustworthy way to make money. It is too volatile and unpredictable, in any market. The oil market is a great example of that right now. If I were to invest, oil would be the last place I would consider investing.

  • Oil Prices Never Too Low!

    There's plenty of things in the stock market to invest in, Oil is one of the very many which rise and fall at a constant. For me, investing in technology would be the best bet, where as dealing with such a valuable good, it would have no ruling over my choices in stocks.

  • I will continue to invest in the stock market despite the falling oil prices.

    The dip in oil prices will have effects on the stock market, but nothing devastating. Oil prices will go up again, so now is actually a perfect time to play the market. Stocks run at a lower price point, and as the oil market sees increases in crude prices, stock values will increase.

  • No. Falling Oil prices will not keep me from investing.

    Falling Oil prices will not keep me from investing in the stock market. Falling oil prices should help spark the economy giving consumers more money in their pockets rather than in their gas tanks. Just within the past few months, consumers have seen an increase in their spending money due to the steady fall of the oil prices which means stock in other companies should go up.

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