• We are over it.

    Yes, feminism will need to change in order to be relevant in the future, because anymore, women can do what they want to do. Women are turned off by the in-your-face, screaming, red-faced demanding face of feminism. Feminists also unfairly judge those who choose to be mothers or stay home.

  • Feminism alienates people

    Rather than focusing on genuine gender issues worldwide, such as the widespread bigotry against women in the middle east and sex-selective abortions in asia, feminism now focuses entirely on birth control and abortion. That may work for the left, but it does nothing to draw in conservatives and moderates and doesn't help those in real need.

    Posted by: TN05
  • I Think So

    I believe feminism will have to change in order to be relevant in the future. As a woman, I don't identify with this movement at all. I fell like this movement took away my right to raise my own children before I was even born. I'm not concerned with a career of being successful in the business world, I want to be successful at home.

  • Yes, feminism will need to change.

    I think that feminism will need to change in order for it to be relevant in the future. I think that the current state of the feminist movement is something that a lot of people do not take seriously. The reason for that is because a lot of feminists focus on silly issues.

  • Yes, we have to be contemporary.

    When the feminist movement first started back in the mid twentieth century, women were mainly house wives and could not get taken seriously in academics or in the world of work. There are still injustices, but we need to take into account the gains made and make ourselves relevant to younger women.

  • Feminism is a wish and a belief.

    And it is a wish and belief that men and women are supposed to be treated equal in political, economic and legal terms. Certain people may very well call them selves feminists while ranting about everything wrong with men spesifically. But actual feminism is about the belief previously stated. And saying that it should be changed is the same as saying you do not want women to be equal.

    I take it the yes side is merely poorly informed about what feminism is and base their view solely on a loud speaking group of people based in america.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-11T01:02:59.283
Women are too concerned with how they look and what shoes they wear, their hair and eye makeup. They will never get it.

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