• Yes she will

    She is doing well after all these absent years, yesterday performance was really cool considering she's almost in her 40's. Also she said she's on dancing classes again i think Fergie will make a successful comeback with really good music, awesome performances, good dancing and singing. She's gonna slay the music industry.

  • Of course Fergie will be back

    There's nothing the American entertainment consumer loves more than a good comeback. Fergie is too bankable a commodity - and has too many friends in the business - for someone to not figure out how to make it happen. If the marginally talented Britney Spears can keep coming back from scandal after slip-up, why on Earth would anyone think Fergie couldn't?

  • Fergie will make a comeback.

    The music business is ups and downs. Even after someone dies they can still have a comeback. People will buy music from them, and someone who is still alive and performing on live tv can do that as well. Fergie can put out new music and take herself in different directions.

  • She is still Fergalicious

    Deliberating over this substantial and important question is the kind of thing that keeps a head of state awake at night. However, after arduous deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that she will. My reasoning? She's still Fergie, like hello?! Plus, she got injected with Will I Am's highly potent, talent-lace love juice.

  • I Doubt It

    I do not believe Fergie will make a come back just because of her performance on the AMAs. Fergie is a decent talent but there are many younger stars biting at her heals. The biggest majority of music buyers will be listening for the next best thing not someone who is making a comeback.

  • No, Fergie will not make a comeback

    Fergie's performace at the AMAs, while giving a boost to her exposure and popularity, will not result in a long term "comeback." Her musical style is outdated for the segment of the market that drives music industry profits today, young teenagers and preteens. Perhaps old fans she had previously lost will return to listen to her, but this will likely only be temporary.

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