Will Ferrell thinks the first movie of the Godfather trilogy is a little bit too slow: Do you agree?

  • Will Ferrell on Godfather trilogy

    The first movie of the Godfather trilogy is a little bit too slow, Will Ferrell rightly thinks so. Though the movie is action packed but as compared to the other two movies in the series it trails off at a slower pace. However being the first part of the trilogy it does build up a sort of suspense and leaves viewers asking for more.

  • "The Godfather" part I was one of the best movies ever made

    I can't believe Will Ferrell thinks the First movie of "The Godfather" trilogy was slow. Now I would agree if he said that about part III but part I? No way. We got to see Robert Deniro in action and watch him rise to the top of the crime family. Any opportunity to watch Robert Deniro in action is always a treat. Keep in mind this movie is from the 1970s so maybe by today's standards there's not enough shoot 'em ups and bombs going off but that's what's so special about this genre of film. The subtlety of violence, the psychology of the characters, the Italian music softly strewn through the scene right about the time a life is about to be taken, helps to lead up to the crescendo of the rise of the Corleone family. It's still to this day an American classic and by far one of the best films ever made.

  • From his perspective, he sees it that way

    In comparison to contemporary movies, a lot of movies from the seventies and eighties were pretty slow. The movies were designed that way, and people adjusted to that speed. The same thing goes for violence and gore. People would be shocked in the forties if they saw a movie called Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark. Peoples' faces melting? Nowadays, the movie industry pumps out fast paced action and quick to the point plots. The current audiences adjusted to those speeds. The first Conan movie appears slow in comparison to contemporary ones. It hasn't lost its flavor but it wasn't made for the contemporary audience.

  • No way, it's great

    The first Godfather movie is a great movie. There is no way that it is too slow. It sets up the entire storyline. The first movie sets the pace and action for the second and third movies. I like Will Ferrell, but I definitely think he's wrong about the first Godfather movie.

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