• Of course it will!

    It will definitely be. The first movie it was touching and amazing! And the sequel is always better. Especially since Dory is the star. She is funny, and sweet and i can not wait to see it. Plus PIXAR movies are always good, even for all ages. Finding ry will be great

  • Absolutely it will be a success.

    Yes, Finding Dory will be a huge success. I'm an adult and I am very much looking forward to it, as is my nine year old sister. It doesn't matter that Finding Nemo was a decade ago; people still love that film and look forward to a sequel. I'm also thinking about Toy Story 3. It was a huge success, and it came over a decade after Toy Story 2. Finding Dory will be the same way, I think.

  • A great success.

    Pixar has an outstanding success rate for children's movies. 'Finding Dory' will not be any different. The movie is not geared towards adults, but rather children who many of which loved 'Finding Nemo'. Children loved the character Dory from the first movie and will be excited to see a movie that features her a lot more.

  • Yes, it'll be Pixar's next big thing.

    Finding Nemo was one of the most profitable and most loved of all the Pixar films and Finding Dory will follow suit as Pixar's next big hit. I hadn't actually heard of this title until this survey and am now very intrigued as to the details of this film. I just hope it's not a rehash of the original.

  • Finding Dory Will Be a Huge Success

    Riding on the “fins” of one of the most famous, and dearly remembered children’s movies in history, “Finding Nemo”, Finding Dory will have the initial impetus to rocket to the top of the box office charts, filling theaters across the land. Even if the movie is labeled a critic’s flop, success in Hollywood is graded with dollar signs, so with it’s namesake predecessor to feed off of, Dory will meet those qualifications to be considered a box office success.

  • No, Finding Dory will not be successful

    Most sequels, be it to video games, books, or movies, are usually of lower quality then those of the originals. The movie will merely be a cheap remake of Finding Nemo. I seriously doubt it will be able to match its predecessor in quality and imagery. That is all I have to say

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