• They have to. We use far to many things that require passwords than a human can remember. We are required to change them at intervals.

    Passwords are becoming to complex for an individual to remember with all the requirements that IT is putting on users. We don't have to remember those passwords only. We have Gmail, Hotmail, Live.Com, along with more passwords for every PC we use. We need a better way to access our systems.

  • Fingerprint scanners are likely to replace passwords.

    Fingerprint scanners are likely to replace passwords in the future. Unlike a password, fingerprints cannot be changed or forgotten. Each of us were given an individual marking and that is our fingerprint. The Bible speaks of the mark of the Beast. There has been a lot of speculation as to what that mark actually could be. Perhaps that mark is our fingerprint.

  • Fingerprint Scanners Will Not Replace Passwords

    No, fingerprint scanners will not replace passwords. Fingerprint scanners may be used to complement passwords, and in some casses, used in lieu of passwords, but it is far too early for the password to disappear entirely. Things that require less security, like home personal computers, will use passwords for years to come.

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