• Yes, Finn Jones will make a fine Iron Fist

    Finn Jones is stepping into the role of Iron Fist. Expectations for the character will not be very high. Iron Fist is a relatively unknown Marvel character, and that will work in Finn Jones's favor. He has proven to be a more than capable actor while on Game of Thrones, and will likely impress the Netflix audience.

  • FInn Jones will do a great job

    Finn Jones is a handsome well built man who will absolutely do Iron Fist Justice. Although best known for playing a homosexual character, he proved himself strong and quick in combat scenes. He is a powerful man who will only enhance the Marvel character with his charm, good looks, and muscular physique.

  • Yes, Finn Jones is fit for "Iron Fist".

    Yes, I believe Finn Jones would be a proper fit for the role of Iron Fist. He has an exceptional educational background in acting and is the perfect age and look for a super hero. Although Finn hasn't had very many acting opportunities so far, what he has participated in is adequate enough for the role in Iron Fist.

  • Finn Jones will make a great "Iron Fist"

    Jones is a good looking actor. He has a sexy accent that would appeal to all the young ladies. He has a great body and will look great in the superhero costume. He does a great part in Game of Thrones and looks like a bad ass in the armour.

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