• Failed Republican Policies

    Past Florida Governor Rick Scott instituted Failed Economic Relief Policies to Floridians pushing many into poverty with failed income support of unemployment. The Governor Desantis has continued with the staunch anti relief policies causing hardships for Floridians. The
    U S Government saw fit to give relief to business owners, Workers and poverty stricken Floridians and the State has Failed to implement policies to assure these monies would get to Floridians. The slow vaccination rollout has only worsened the hardships.

  • Ron De Santos

    The non Constitutional shut down. . . Florida is the place flues come to die. . . Sunshine State. . . They say. . . . . . . Morons don't belong in public office. .
    #2 the hurricane invasion from Puerto Rico
    #3 influx from California, New Jersey, New York, CT et. . . Democrats all
    #4 just switched party registration to Independent. . Good-by Ron
    #5 just seeing a lot of pissed off everywhere in Florida

  • I believe Florida will become a blue state.

    Florida has been a blue state during many elections in the past and has many democrat strongholds in areas such as Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. The general dislike for the current Florida Governor, Rick Scott, who is a Republican, will add to the likelihood that Florida will return to being a blue state in the next presidential election year.

  • It is possible

    The state of Florida in the United States of America does indeed have a chance of turning blue. However, this will probably take place in the future due to the Hispanic population. As current trends show the mass majority of Hispanic voters do indeed for people of the democratic party which could change things.

  • A blue Florida is bad for everyone.

    All of us want to minimize their income tax obligations and, As most know, Florida is one state with no income or estate taxes. Florida offers excellent protection from creditors and the state's business environment is healthy as well. I assume Floridians will continue to support policies and politician s to keep taxes low, Etc. People and businesses outside of Florida appreciate this too. Many are moving their residences and their headquarters to Florida. Therefore, They will vote republican for the near future and hopefully much longer.

    If our politicians took a more collaborative and balanced approach to solving problems it wouldn't matter if the state turned red or blue or some other color. I just think the democrats are, At the moment, Excessively progressive for most Floridians.

  • Too many retireees.

    No, Florida will not ever become a blue state, because there are far too many high-level politicians that are Republican. Jeb Bush is one of them, and he has many influential followers. Also, there are a large number of retirees that have moved to Florida from other places, and they are grounded in conservatism.

  • I Really Doubt It

    I have my doubts Florida will become a blue state. I think one of the main reasons Florida is a red state is the fact that it's been billed as the retirement state for so long. The population is Florida is older on average than that of other states. Older populations are more likely to hold conservative view points.

  • No but it will be close

    I don't think Florida will become a blue state, but I also don't think it will really stay as a red state either. I think Florida is one of those few states in the US where the outcome will depend on the specific people running rather than the parties they are part of.

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