Will Florida State University (yes) or Auburn University (no) win the BCS National Championship?

Asked by: Sumocolt768
  • Lol They will win

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  • Yes, Florida will win.

    Yes, Florida State University will win the BCS National Championship, because they have a winning history. Lately Florida State has won in everything they have done. They have a strong defensive team, and strategically, use their abilities to their advantage. They will likely be successful in the BCS National Championship.

  • SEC is top

    Auburn is not the best team, Alabama is, but they are better than Florida State. Auburn plays in the SEC where every game is tough, and has had games against LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Alabama and Ole Miss. Florida State's only quality win was at Clemson. Auburn also has an unstoppable running game. The SEC will win 8 championships in a row.

  • Revenge of Toomer's Corner

    This year the Live Oak Trees (which were used by fans to TP after big wins) were removed from Auburn after an Alabama fan poisoned them out of spite in 2010. The Revenge of Toomer's Corner pulses in the veins of every Auburn player. They also have a lot going for them (after recovering from a 3-9 season last year and beating #1 Alabama this year.) FSU is a strong team, and I don't doubt the fact that the game could end badly for Auburn since I'm pretty sure that they're out of miracles for the season. Nevertheless, I believe Auburn will come out victorious. War Eagle!

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