• It will feed the economy.

    Having foreign supermarkets will help Indians bas in the benefits of globalisation and at the same time create more jobs. Furthermore, it isn’t necessary that a foreign supermarket may only promote foreign goods, it may also sell Indian goods. What matters is the quality of the products being sold that goes hand in hand with their value which is something foreign supermarkets such as Walmart are known to ensure.

  • It will Be Good.

    The Indian economy will have a great benefit.
    Jobs will be available in large numbers.
    People will greatly benefit from this .
    The economy will rise by a minimum of 5%.
    The other Bric nations have tried it and it has worked with great benefit.
    The Bric nations are Brazil, China, Russia, India.

  • The poor will be left behind

    Opening up India to large national supermarket chains would destroy India's local market. Millions of people would starve to death as they could not afford basic goods. The supermarket also have a hard time keeping up sanitary standards. India has a large history of worker abuse. Long hours and low wages are common in India.

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