• Yes, I believe it will.

    Game of Thrones is a spectacular show from beginning to end. The acting is phenomenal as is the writing. They also are up for 18 other nominations this year leading all of the other contenders. I think this proves how strong the show is. I believe the only thing that could beat it would be House of Cards.

  • It should win

    Given the huge scope of the books, the writers have done a fantastic job with the story lines. GOT has amazing costumes, and a very strong and talented cast. People are constantly discussing what happened on the show, and how the actors have been able to inhabit the characters they are playing. So I think GOT definitely deserves an Emmy or two.

  • Game of Thrones Will Win

    Game of Thrones Will Win the Emmy for Best Show because so many people like it. It is the "baby of the month." It is a show that has caught the attention of the pop culture-eating public, and the Emmys pay attention to the ratings and the entertainment that is being consumed by Americans across the map.

  • No, Thrones will not take the Emmy for best show.

    While the HBO hit Game of Thrones -- based off of George R. R. Martin's best-selling Song of Ice and Fire book series -- is a smash hit with fans, it is less likely to take the Emmy for Best Show than a series with a wider audience or a more hard-hitting political undertone. The show is popular, but it usually takes more than ratings to win an Emmy.

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