• New Sources of Energy

    I believe that gas prices will continue to fall because we, as Americans, are starting to become less and less dependent on it. We're constantly looking for other sources of energy to replace this quickly diminishing supply. As a result, we've developed all sorts of new technology like solar panels or wind turbines that are cheap and easy to develop. Wind and solar energy are easy to use and will likely be our main sources of energy in the future. Thus, the need for gas will soon be over and demand will continue to fall.

  • Declining Gas Prices

    Gas prices will continue to decline all over the US. Many people think gas prices will rise again after elections are over. But, many parties say that gas prices are due to fall even more because of the low demand for it and Russian's involvement in the prices. The way it looks on Wall Street, customers will be happy to get gas and not hurt their wallet for some months to come.

  • Gas prices will rise as quick as they have fallen.

    I feel the price of gas will begin to climb after the elections are over. Right now the Democrats want to public in their good graces and " coincidentally " this rate fall has taken place close to the election date. Once November 4 passes I feel they will climb again. Sadly another stunt in action by our government.

  • No they won't

    The price of gas will no continue to decline in America because the gas companies are money grabbing and greedy. Even with price drops, they price drops to consumers is a lot lot less than the price that companies pay for the gas in the first place. There is a large markup on it

  • No, gas prices will not continue to decline in America

    No, gas prices will not continue to decline in America. Even though the price of oil has dropped considerably, I believe the gas companies will take advantage of this to make more money. People are now used to paying a high price for gas, and by reducing it a little the population has become thankful.

  • As great as it would be, probably not

    I live in New England so gas around here is like $3.14 so I honestly believe it's not gonna go down past $3.00 and the reason I think that is because there's only so much of it in the world, so pretty soon we will go back to barely having and so they'll raise the price. Why? Because they can. Because most people are going to pay whatever it takes to fill their car to get where they need to go

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