• Gas prices have been fairly stable for a while

    Gas prices have fluctuated somewhat, but for the last two years they've typically hovered around $2. This fall and winter they've been especially low, and this time last year they were also especially low. Therefore, I expect they will rise as we go into summer and people are buying more gas and travelling more, but they won't blow up to extremes like they did several years ago.

  • Yes, gas prices in the US will continue to stay low in 2016

    The start of the year has shown that gas prices are continuing to decrease, even during holiday times when gas prices tend to surge. Relations politically and socially are continuing to improve between the United States and oil-bearing countries, which I believe will allow us to continue to negotiate gas prices therefore keeping them lower for the consumer. Gas companies have also looked to other sources for fuel which also helps to keep the gas prices low.

  • Yes, Gasoline Prices Will Remain Low in 2016

    The price of gas in the United States is inextricably linked to the global economy because gasoline is a worldwide commodity. Many economic think-tanks are forecasting a continued global downturn in 2016. Factors include the Chinese bubble that is continuing to pop, the European crisis, and poor unemployment figures. This will push oil and gas sector prices ever lower.

  • Oil Price and Availabilty

    The price of oil influences the price of almost every good or service due to the cost of transportation. Oil prices will continue to match not a price that is comfortable or acceptable to the general public, but the price that nets the highest gain for the corporations that own the oil.

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