• Yes, it will be, it is a big deal.

    The day a man has the right to marry his lover, will be just as momentous as the day a black woman or man married a white woman or man. Everyone is created equal. Religion has no say in the matter, we are a free country. Because it is against one mans religion does not mean it should be illegal.

  • No, His Greatest Legacy Will Be As Bush Part 2

    Violation of due process, illegal drone strikes, violating other country's sovereignty on an even more routine basis than Bush, domestic spying. Breaking the promise that people voted him in office for, to reverse the legacy of Bush. He chained us to the banks and health insurance companies when he should've bailed out the people and liberated us from the insurance companies. Obama has been an embarrassment. You can try justifying it however you want, saying he needed to compromise. But if that is what he had to do he could've at least tried to fight against these things at first and then "settled" for compromise in the end instead of outright supporting these positions and that doesn't explain things he's done as president himself through executive orders. If these are his real views we can do better than that, if they are not his real views we have a weak man in office who let's himself be puppeted. Either way Obama is a terrible president and history will bear this out.

  • No It Will Not Be

    I do not think that Obama will be mostly remembered for gay rights. He has done a lot during his tenure as the president of the United States, and I believe that he will be remembered as a president that excelled in many different areas. Gay rights is just one of the issues he addressed.

  • Obama's legacy will carry more than just gay rights.

    President Obama promised change when he took office, and change has come. Some may argue that the largest contribution to his legacy would be the advancement of gay rights under his term. I however think that there are more important issues that will define the presidency that this topic. The downturn in the economy has cast a shadow over all other things the president has done, including gay rights.

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