Will General Motors once again prosper and regain its former glory now that it has emerged from bankruptcy?

  • Yes, GM is already prospering again because it is still around.

    GM is in fact prospering again, and I think their glory is secure because even if it is with government assistance, they are still around and even turned some profit for the government. They are an American institution and staying for a long time to come now and in the future.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • General Motors with emerge from financial ruins.

    Companies have been struggling just as much as consumers in this economy. The truth is, eventually, we all have to continue onward. Purchasing power may be at a lull, but as time marches on, we need to replace and purchase goods. Americans are steadfast at recovery, and I believe in the future we will go USA over imported goods to prove how patriotic we stand. GM will once again be on top, as we rebuild as a nation.

    Posted by: MoaningElroy
  • Yes, General Motors will prosper, because they have already climbed a huge hurdle in getting out of bankruptcy.

    General Motors has climbed a huge hurdle in getting out of bankruptcy. Now that they are out, I am sure they would want to make things continue to work properly, and do whatever it takes to become a success, like before. I think it will take time, due to gas prices and the economy, it might be awhile before people start spending unwisely.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • I think they will again grow into a big company, as Americans start to buy American cars again.

    If the economy grows, I think General Motors will once again stabilize, be productive, and make profits again. They have succeeded in paying back the money they borrowed during the stimulus deal. And, I also think that Americans will once again start buying American cars, and that will help the car manufacturer.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Patience and hard work prevail.

    Whether it be merely a shadow of their former glory, or a return to full glory, they won't disappear. They've been around long enough to prove that. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't prosper again, given a lot of hard work and patience. Everyone needs a car and I personally wouldn't find any issue in buying from them. I believe there are others who feel the same way. These are only a fraction of the people who would be able to help them.

    Posted by: A Orr
  • I believe General Motors has the ability and the opportunity to prosper now.

    I think that General Motors has the chance and the opportunity to prosper now that it has risen from bankruptcy. The important factor is whether they follow good business practices and keep the customer in mind. I think following an ethical business plan rather than one focused solely on profits will also assist in the company's overall growth. People are beginning to focus more now on a company's ethics and how customers and employees are treated, and I think that's going to make a big difference in how General Motors will do in the long run as a company.

    Posted by: WillowM
  • Yes, I think it can if everyone is willing to use what they've learned and stop being so greedy.

    I think GM can rebuild itself if they can use the knowledge they've gained as a result of all of the mistakes of the past. There is too much greed and too much money being paid in the auto industry. People have got to sacrifice a little bit, because a little bit, when added all together with that many workers, can result in huge savings and it can help the industry from the inside out. Those workers, including management, need to lose their feelings of entitlement.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • No, Government Motors is doomed.

    No, General Motors will not again regain prosperity now that it has emerged from bankruptcy, because nothing can be particularly glorious when it is run by the government. The public remembers that Government Motors is a federal operation, and the public does not respect something that is run by the same people who run the DMV.

  • General Motors will continue to decline, because they appear to be unable to make quality products.

    GM seems to be unable to make a quality product that Americans want. Simply making the largest SUV possible, and selling it at high prices, won't work, in the long run. Americans increasingly want quality affordable cars with high gas mileage. The days of the gas guzzling behemoths are over. Unless GM changes its focus to smaller more efficient vehicles, shoppers will go elsewhere.

    Posted by: TawdryChris
  • I do not believe that General Motors will once again become the giant car manufacturer that it was, because the American people want economical choices, and this will drive competitive pricing and models.

    General Motors has gone through bankruptcy, which does not mean they could not thrive again. However, thriving will possibly take a new direction. They may once again become a competitor chosen above others when purchasing a vehicle, but they will have to scale and train their workforce for more energy efficient models.

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • General Motors will not regain its former glory, as many of the problems which led to its downfall remain.

    General Motors may once again become a successful company, but it will never regain its former status in the world. Too many of the problems that led to GM's downfall remain. It still faces stiff international competition and relatively high labor prices and regulations, due to Unions and regulations in the United States. Furthermore, its domestic market, where it is most strong, is not growing nearly as fast as foreign markets, such as China and India.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • General Motors will not be able to keep up with Ford if it doesn't bring its workforce back to the U.S. like Ford has done.

    After NAFTA came into being, many U.S. automotive factories started moving to Mexico. Although there were supposed to be quality controls in place, they and other companies have found that quality control is not being enforced. Because of this, Ford moved much of its operations back to the U.S. General Motors and Chrysler have not. Neither will retain a decent reputation unless they come home, both due to quality issues, and public opinion.

    Posted by: AniyaC
  • General Motors will not regain its former glory as the largest auto manufacturer in the world, because foreign economies will overshadow it.

    The emergence of China and India as consumer economies with large middle-class populations will provide opportunities to manufacturers in those regions that General Motors will not be able to compete with. General Motors will be able to capture and maintain a share of the market, but companies that can offer more relevant products to the consumers in India and China will be significantly more successful in those huge markets.

    Posted by: P03tPoId
  • GM will never regain its former glory because the American consumers will never forget how they treated their employees.

    GM employees who worked for Hummer, Saab, Saturn and Pontiac have been discarded like old newspapers. GM basically fired a bunch of workers so that the fat cats on top could keep on living high on the hog. I don't see how Americans are going to forgive and forget that so easily. GM is not going to ever regain their former glory, nor should they. Greed should not be rewarded.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • GM will never prosper as long as it belongs to the government.

    GM is jokingly called Government Motors. The government makes decisions based on what buys votes, and now it uses GM funds and jobs to do so. The government example of the new Volt is an example of why GM will fail if it is in government hands. An over-priced 45,000 dollar car built into a 15,000 body. It is a lousy car without being electric, and being electric, it is so expensive that it will never gain enough market share to bring down the cost. It is built to government mandates not market reality or customer desires. Like a bureaucrat who would mandate "livable communities" of dense housing no one wants to live in, government mandated cars will fail unless mandated on the public. Since we still have a free society, the government designed cars will go the way of the Yugo after Yugoslavia's collapse. GM will never prosper or even be profitable until released from the government and its union control.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • General Motors probably won't be as prosperous as it once was, but because they did have a good reputation for building high quality machinery, I think they will be successful again in the future.

    The company has been around too long and has been relied on by too many people to not regain at least a portion of its success. Despite its financial problems, the company has proved to be a dependable and reliable products throughout the years so there will be many still willing to go with GM.

    Posted by: jaamata
  • I don't think General Motors will ever be close to where it was before because of the economy and perception of the company.

    General Motors will never be as prosperous as it once was. The economy is down and a lot of people aren't buying new cars anymore. And, the people that are buying new cars will have to go through stricter borrowing protocols.

    With people not spending as much as they used to, companies who buy fleet vehicles (car rental companies) will not be buying as many vehicles either.

    It is hard to believe when demand is low and car dealerships everywhere are closing that any company especially General Motors can be as prosperous as their past selves.

    Posted by: NoakBe

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