• The Best Team!

    Deserve to WIN! The high performing, hard working, disciplined, talented, determined, skilled, fair Germans have been the de facto best team in the world for the past several years. Most complete squad. Great ambassadors for the sport Best embodiment of FIFA's slogan RESPECT! Robbed in S Africa, regained in Brazil!

  • Chemistry, experience and a European driving force.

    Before I start, I would like to ask any of you to prove me wrong on anything I say, all my facts are correct and I do not want to be replied to with an argument that holds no substance.
    Firstly, chemistry wins World Cups. We've seen this in the World Cup 2006, in which Italy won, and the World Cup in 2010, in which Spain won. 2006, Italy's starting XI consisted of Juventus, Inter Milan or AC Milan players, the driving forces in European Football at that time, just look at the 2005 Champions League Final, where AC Milan reached the final. 2010, Spain's team consisted purely of Real Madrid or Barcelona players, again the driving forces in Europe at the time, just look at the 2009 Champions League, in which Barcelona won. Germany have a starting XI built up on mainly Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund players, the driving forces in Europe at the moment, undoubtably, and the winners and runners up of last years Champions League. Statistically, it's Germanys year.
    Secondly, experience. Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose, Manuel Neuer, Phillip Lahm, Mats Hummels, Mario Gomez, experience is vast, with a vast majority of their players having played in the 2010 World Cup, in which they reached the Semi Finals, only to be knocked out to the Champions Spain. Germany have the perfect mix of exciting youth with prosperous experience, and having not lost a game since 2012, Germany are 100% my favorites. If we take a look back at their loss in 2012, to Argentina, they lost after having their 3rd choice keeper sent off after 30 minutes, and Sami Khedira scoring an own goal. So it looks like the only way Germany can be beaten, is if they beat themselves, something which is very unlikely with a talented squad that reached the semi finals of last years World Cup, only this year to have 4 more years worth of experience playing together.
    Germany will win, there is no doubt about it. Please argue your point with me, and I will feed you statistics to prove you wrong. Thank you.

  • Argentina will win to upset Brazil.

    Germany is always a good bet in the world cup every time, however usually its not the safe bet that wins the world cup. I think Argentina will win this world cup just so they can brag about it to Brazil. Also imagine a Brazil versus Argentina final it would be amazing and probably result in a war. ;)

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