• Glenn Beck Show

    Yes I think Glenn Beck will get his show "The Blaze" onto cable. My reasoning for this support is because he is a very straight forward and emotional host. Many people enjoy watching shows where they can be entertained as well as informed on certain topics. I think Glenn Beck can deliver in that area.

  • Yes, Glenn Beck will get his show on cable

    Yes, I think that Glenn Blaze will get his show "The Blaze" onto cable. The show is already broadcast on some regional cable throughout the United States so I think it is not out of the question for the show to be taken onto national cable in the future. TV companies like to have controversial shows to encourage viewers and garner a response so I think this type of show would fit that bill.

  • Glenn Beck will come out on top.

    Glenn Beck will no doubt get his show back on cable. The Blaze was a popular show and I cannot see another provider picking it up. Shame of Fox for letting it go in the first place. While Glenn has a strong opinion, it is shared by many and I see it soaring higher after this.

  • No, Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" show is boring.

    It is my opinion that Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" show is boring and will therefore not cross the cable line. The show has failed to get enough viewers because it is uninteresting and dull. If it was worth the move onto cable, people would not be debating about this question.

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