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  • No, Glenn Beck is too polarizing to garner the amount of viewers he needs to be successful.

    Glenn Beck has a large following; however, he fails to produce the necessary amount of viewers because of his all-or-nothing approach to politics. He grabs the attention of the conservative populace, especially the far-right. If he chose a path that was more centric, his Internet channel, The Blaze would be much more successful.

  • No, it won't.

    He has said some pretty awful and offensive things over the years and I think he has lost a lot of his primary viewership. I think people would have still followed him on Fox, but I don't think they will follow him on the internet channel. I think we'll see it canceled within a year.

  • No Glenn Beck's Internet channel 'The Blaze' is never going to be successful.

    Mr. Beck tries to present himself as a constitutional stalwart who is defending traditional American values. While the reality is that he's promoting conspiracy theories and incendiary rhetoric in order to generate ratings for his programs. His power base is centered around old white men, the segement of the population that is fast dying off. Glenn Beck's time is limited.

  • No,Glenn Becks time has come and gone.

    No,Glenn Becks time has come and gone. I think people do not want the type of new coverage that glen beck brings to the table. I do not think he will be successful mainly because Internet companies are hard to get off the ground. The Internet allows people to get their news from anywhere as well.

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