• Global information distribution lead humanity down a dark path

    Global information distribution lead humanity down a dark path if no one does anything about it eventually. It is sad but to move information from country to country only will lead to making our country weaker and offer more for the other countries to get ahead of us in the long run.

  • Too many people in other people's business.

    Global information distribution will lead humanity down a dark path. There are too many outlets collecting information on everyone in the United States and around the world. Sites such as Facebook and Google collect information that can be distributed to corporations and governments around the world. They can invade privacy and connect us with people we don't want to know.

  • No, global information distribution is good.

    There are many upsides to people being able to find all of the information they need. People can now do a few quick searches and know a lot of information about something that they are passionate about. I think world needed a way for people to be able to gather lots of information.

  • Global information distribution will not lead humanity down a dark path.

    Global information distribution is a good way to efficiently exchange knowledge. If used correctly to improve business and education practices, this can actually improve humanity rather than be detrimental to it. Global information distribution only has the potential to lead humanity down a dark path if proper guidelines in the interest of users are not implemented and universally enforced.

  • No, it will not.

    Global information distribution will help humanity down a better path of understanding. It will help cause less wars to break out between more civilized countries. People need to learn about each other to begin to care about each other. This was likely the problem long ago and why many wars happened then.

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