• 6 degrees looks certain by the end of the century

    The forecasted ongoing increase in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere means that by the end of the century we are looking at a 6degrees increase in global temperature. We are already witnessing extreme weather events - what will our children be experiencing in 90 years. Fair enough throughout geological history there have been climactic events, but we are responsible for emitting a vast amount of carbon laid down during millions of years in little more than 100years, all too much too fast for the planet to balance out the changes. Humans are simply a pestilence on the planet, worse than rats as no other species has ever caused so much damage and lived so out of balance with their environment. Read "Collapse" by Jared Diamond, the next empire to collapse is the global one!

  • Yes, it will harm us.

    Global warming can cause the ice caps to melt and flood coastal cities. This will also cause mosquitoes,which spread malaria, to have a bigger habitat. This can cause another serious problem, the malaria plus the flooding and ecological damage --> trillions of damage --> economy collapse --> war and chaos. No matter if it is man made or not, it can cause these consequences.

  • Yes, other than the obvious damages to the surface of the planet, global warming also harms the exterior.

    Global warming affects our atmosphere and also ozone layer. For some reason most people do not consider that the damaging of the ozone, is the damaging of Earth's shield against space objects. 1) It helps protect us from the sun rays. Weakening the ozone only makes it easier for more heat to enter our atmosphere and burn the planet. 2) Every second, the ozone is being pounded by celestial bodies. Global warming allows for more objects to breach the ozone. 3) Some people say that because it is taking a long time for global warming to show it's affects, that global warming is a myth. When it comes to dismantling a planet, it kind of takes time. 4) Looking at the planet Venus gives us a good idea of what might happen if global warming gets out of control. Looking at the planet Mars, it has a thin atmosphere and in order to terraform it, it needs to global warming to strengthen its atmosphere, which, wouldn't you know it, we are quite good at that. 5) I guess some people have a point when they say that extreme temperature rising is natural, considering we have only been monitoring the Earth's year round temperature for a hand full of years. Other odd events have been brought to attention, but only because there is more technology available for more people to witness and record it. There are mass any deaths tat have been going on for years but now we can notice them more often do to videos. It is possible that the Earth's global temperature may rise and drop from time to time, except now we monitor it.

  • As the temperature of the world continues to increase, we will most likely see more problems.

    Global warming has already started melting glaciers and is causing extreme flooding. It's hard to imagine a scenario where the world getting hotter and hotter would not eventually cause more harm to humanity. It's possible that science will find a way to combat global warming, and that we will overcome the problem down the road. But, global warming is definitely a problem.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Yes, global warming will harm us in multiple ways.

    Global warming will be the death of the planet as we know it. More and more people are buying big gas-guzzling cars and, even with the new gas-guzzlers tax, there is not stopping them. Global warming already has a devastating impact on ecosystems and habitats all over the world. It is too late to undo what we have done.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • Global warming will harm us in the future, and the proof is that it is harming us now.

    The effects of global warming have already started to take place. Global warming does more than make the air around us warmer. Changing temperatures changes the sea level, weather patterns, and ecosystems, causing instability in multiple ways. In the past ten years, we've had more tsunamis, hurricanes, severe earthquakes, and other natural disasters than we've had in the past century. A lot of evidence points to climate change as the reason for these events. Global warming is already harming us.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi
  • Human get as much as what we did to the earth.

    Global warming was caused by us humans and we are definitely the most affected groups in the earth by the atrocities that we caused. Before humans appeared on earth, the concept of global warming was different than it is now. The earth did warm naturally over time, but the rate at which global warming is taking place is faster than ever before. Not only that, but there have been many researches and arguments all talking about the seriousness of global warming and its effect on humans. The humans are already experiencing highly unusual weather conditions all around the world, not to mention extreme heat wave, drought, flood, hurricanes, super earthquakes, volcanos and so on. These natural disasters do occur normally, but their intensities are getting stronger time by time, due to our careless actions and lack of awareness of preserving the environment.

  • Global Warming is having a direct impact on climate change.

    First of all, in order to understand that global warming has a direct impact on us, you need to broaden the definition of "us". Perhaps the climate changing effects of global warming will not be seen by our generation, but we are handing this problem down to our children. The "us" isn't us here right now, it's "us" as humanity. There is a myriad of scientific proof that global warming is changing the global climate, destroying the ozone layer, and seriously messing with atmospheric conditions. Global warming will destroy this planet.

    Posted by: KKinney
  • Global warming will absolutely harm us in several ways.

    The effects of global warming are too numerous to summarize in such a short paragraph, however the biggest and most direct effect global warming will have on us is the damage to our food supply. Crops that we depend on so heavily for our food supply, such as corn, are grown under certain conditions and temperatures. Alterations to the climate will have a large and very negative effect on these crops' ability to flourish. This diminishing return of crops will not only shorten our food supply but will drastically change our economy which relies heavily on the constant stream of income from these crops.

    Posted by: TeenzAlw
  • Global warming will continue to the point that large droughts will cause massive crop failure and destroy the food supply of humans and other organisms.

    Global warming is better understood as massive climate changing, incorporating not only rising temperatures but more extreme climatic conditions, including droughts. Droughts will cause crop failure not only for humans but also animals and other organisms that humans rely upon for food. Such disruption of the biosphere on such a large scale can have only negative effects.

    Posted by: eclair910
  • Cycles, cycles, cycles...

    Climate change / global warming, whatever you want to call it is NOT man made. No cars or factories were around or brought about the end of the last ice age. If the climate is changing, you'd be silly to think that people could change it, or cause it. It's become the new religion for some.

  • In the long term it will be better.

    New areas will be opened for agriculture. In the short term it will force massive migration, but as everyone gets settled it will give us more livable land. Alaska and Canada might soon become the bread baskets of North America. Change is often difficult for humans, but we will adapt and adjust.

  • It's not even based on science people!

    The world's top 600-700 scientists (including Noble winners) are adamant that global warming is not man made.

    I believe them! not the US Government!

  • I disagree that global warming with harm us because I believe it is a cycle.

    Research has shown that in earlier years, there was an increase in temperatures all over the world and then in a few years it normalized and then again the temperatures were below average. I believe that global warming is on a cycle and in a couple years it will normalize again.

    Posted by: balletpics
  • Higher tempertures are good.

    Although some areas would be harmed, they will be helped as other areas would have huge benefits and be able to transport their goods. Assuming it is warming happening, Canada and Russia would become huge fertile hot spots, and farmland on higher elevations will be accessible. One well researched article finds predictions for sea level rises are falling, and most evidence says the rise will be only one foot of under. More farmland, more plant growth, and longer growing seasons. Holocene Maximum--hotter then today--helped facilitate the rise of civilization. Many studies find GW won't hurt the economy for most nations and may help them. GW is expected to mostly effect the north, change in the south is slower and in some cases reversing. So the nations GW would hurt (south African region) is not in the equasion, and the countries it helps are. The only effect of warming is positive or negligible, all science indicates this.
    1) 2) 3)

  • Global temperatures have been declining the last ten years.

    The last decade has seen lower temperatures. There is good evidence that the sun is going through a slower cycle, which may last a few hundred years, and that we may be going into the next minimum solar cycle. The last one, the Maunder Minimum, created a mini ice age that lasted 300 years.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I don't think global warming is that big of a deal, because the Earth has always gone through cycles like this.

    I don't think global warming is something that is going to harm us. The Earth goes through cycles, and I believe that global warming is just one of the cycles that the Earth is going through. I believe that it will come and go, just as the ice age did.

    Posted by: RandallS
  • Global warming will not really harm us, because it is just another panic that activists are trying to create.

    Global warming will not really harm us. It is just another panic that activists are trying to create. There is not solid proof that global warming will wreak any kind of havoc on those currently living on the planet. There may be effects millions of years from now, but that is no reason to worry at this point in time.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • We will adapt!

    Earth was generally warmer in the past, with no bad effects to life to the contrary it was more prolific.Maybe without our intervention it was speculated that we would be going into another ice age with far greater dangers to civilization than global warming. It would open up far more land than sea level rise would take away.

  • We are safe

    Global warming exists. All the evidence points to that. But whether or not it will do us harm is another thing. I doubt that it will dramatically affect us, and it doesn't take much for us humans to adjust to a new climate. However, we should still be seeking renewable energy sources and looking after this world we have been given. Because we ain't gonna get another one.

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