• Balance Arrives in Time

    Over a very long period of time, globalization will balance out. For now though, there will continue to be a great divide in the global marketplace between developing economies and developed economies. Now, the developed economies provide primarily service based products while the developing economies serve as sources of raw materials and labor, but this will balance out over time.

  • Globalization is just a larger version of any nation state economy

    The idea that the world economy is already dependent on each other shows how globalization is occurring naturally due to international stock trading, international shipping, and the consumer more immersed in foreign products. Currently certain regions are poorer than others and while it may be impossible to get everyone to above the poverty line, proper globalization laws can help the poor while not taking from the already well off

  • Globalization Needs Constant Growth

    Globalization isn't going to level out because it constantly requires growth. A globalized economy needs to keep growing for everyone to reap the benefits. At some point, the world's countries will need to find a balance between globalization and anti-globalization in order for things to balance out for individual countries.

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