• Not Possible To Avoid Recalls

    It is impossible in this day and age for any automotive manufacturer to avoid recalls. There are so many vehicles and enhancements on the assembly line, and that will always result in some mistakes, errors and design flaws. Given the near-death of the car industry in the US in the recent past, there is no chance that recalls can be avoided.

  • GM More Recalls Predicted

    With the unsatisfactory cars that GM has been pumping out lately there is almost some certainty that this aging company will have future recalls. Job layoffs, tighter than ever budget and the quick assembly of cars, all point to more GM recalls. This troubled company will need to slow down production so every car is inspected one hundred percent before any car gets on the road.

  • Well, Yes They Will

    Of course GM will have more recalls in the future. GM doesn't make money by selling good quality cars. They make money by selling a vehicle that will run for four to five years. Once that time has passed they want you back for a new car and a new loan. Recalls are even better because they get to admit up front that their crap was faulty and you don't have any choice but to take it as a consumer. Consumers need more protection from these behemoths. Oh, the car you made that doesn't work right is being recalled? Let me return that crap then. I don't want it "fixed," I want something different.

  • No, GM will not have more recalls soon

    No, I do not believe that GM will have more recalls soon. I believe that they have recalled most if not all of their faulty vehicles, and they will take extra precautions in the near term to ensure that they are producing quality vehicles. With the economy in the shape it is, GM cannot afford a reputation of producing unsafe vehicles.

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