• Yes,I think it will make driving safer.

    Yes,I think it will make driving safer. I really believe in GM as a company and i think they make fantastic products. I really feel they have a wonderful design team that has done a good job on this car. I think driving and the car industry will never be the same.

  • No way! What?

    Seriously? We have enough lazy people in America already! They will just get reliant on this system and use it improperly. I think that idea is dangerous! People might try to have it auto-pilot everything, or maybe their systems will need updated. What about construction zones, or things being in the way that shouldn't be there? What if it glitches or malfunctions?!

  • No. GM's new vehicle will not make driving safer

    I believe we are heading towards an all computerized society in which nobody thinks or does anything for themselves. Computers are smart and will be able to detect certain things but they lack common sense. You also have no way of knowing if and when they will malfunction or over heat or just plain stop working. I'd rather trust myself to drive my car than a computer.

  • As new technology emerges, semi auto pilot technology still remains a risk to a drivers safety

    As we grow more into a technologically advanced society, sometimes relying on the brain of the computer can cause more risks to a person's safety than less. Even if we see more auto pilot cars in the future, we aren't sure how reliable and safe we are and with GM's history in recalls, it's not assuring that there will be no errors in this advanced technology

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