• Yes, per the law

    God will indeed judge those who have violated his law. The punishment for violating the law is eternal exile from God - think of it as equivalent to a life sentence. This is not due to God's choice, but due to the choice of those who violated the law. It is not moral nor just to force someone to go somewhere (namely, Heaven) if they do not want to go there, unless going there is punishment

    I do not believe Hell is necessarily a place of eternal torture (that seems a bit over the top). Rather, I see Hell as the natural result of exile from God. The use of the term 'lake of fire' is likely poetic, to symbolize that Hell is a very bad place to be (due to the presence in abundance of murderers, rapists, thieves, etc.).

    Posted by: TN05
  • I believe so

    The bible has predicted many things that have been coming true. I dont feel like getting into specifics unless someone comments on this telling me to. No one truly knows the future. I believe it would be Jesus who comes down. It mentions this in the bible that i believe in.

  • Read the Bible

    As the Bible says, Jesus will come back and take with him all those who have put their trust in him. Those who don't will be judged by God and will suffer eternal punishment in Hell for their sins against God. If you believe in God, and and know you have your salvation through Jesus Christ, then you do not have to worry about the power of Hell. For those of you who answered "No", I will pray for you all.

  • Assuming God is a real and divine entity, yes.

    According to the religious standard, our society has a leading obsession with factors like idol worship and acts of overindulgence, which are some of the major factors that break religious law. Recent studies also have suggested that 2/3rds of the youth of developed countries, like the UK and the United States, are self-described Atheists.

    We as a society have decided to replace religion with the more effective opiate, the entertainment industry... Why? It, like religion, gives us something to do and enjoy. The difference is that instead of scripture, we're hearing about the thickness of Kim Kardashian's buttocks. -Frankly, if I were the supreme deity, I'd "punish" the Earth for this atrocity of common decency...

    If God in fact is real, then I can assure you, the fear of fear itself will become a luxury. Luckily for us, it's a split 50/50 chance. Only time will tell.

    As far as the destruction of civilization by non-supreme deities, the historical collapse of the Roman empire is the closest example that we have to a realistic and non-divine destruction. Empires collapse every few hundred years, only to be reformed after a period of chaos. The "dark ages" were blamed on various factors, but the economic catastrophe that ensued after the uniting factor of the Mediterranean was shattered, was a very realistic scenario.

    I can tell you that if the earth does suffer any form of punishment, it too can be explained by factors of the ordinary, not of the divine.

  • Yes Almighty God will return to punish us

    If you want more proof than the Bible, let me direct you to something known as the Kali Yuga. This applies to all faiths because at around the time that God's power in the hands of either Krishna or Jesus, depending on whether your a Christian or a Hindu, left Earth, Kali Yuga began. Today it exists as the immense amount of sin that exists in this world. Hindu Scripture precisely predicts certain time periods in modern day when sin corrupts and controls. It tells us that leaders will be unreasonable, will seek control, will tax heavily, and will not promote God's teachings. Violence, murder, and terrorism will occur due to misunderstandings or ignorance of God's teachings. Lust and sexuality will be seen as the central requirement in life, not God. Marriage in the eyes of God will be soiled and divorce will expand. People will intoxicate themselves with drugs and drinks. Finally, the most troubling of them all, people will start to question and disbelieve in God, and the teachings of the Bible, Vedas, Quran, etc. Will be outright ignored and misinterpreted. If Kali Yuga lasts longer, at one point, Almighty God will return to earth and will destroy all those who bathe in sin and those who are pure, yet allow such sin to occur. If you think biblical prophecy is false, you are wrong, because the prophecies of Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, are there to support Christianity. All people of faith are good, pure people, and it is our job to bring God back into our governments, into our schools, into our homes, and into our hearts and minds. If not, we will suffer God's wrath.

  • Bull crap to science

    Hey look I am a Evolutionist. Science just popped out of no where then earth was magically formed eventually. Then with magic science caused some thing that we have no proof existed made dinosaurs (someone asked how) Well we actually don't know it just happened and we have no evidence we just like to make Christians mad (someone asked why) we don't know lets just continue with the magical story. Then apes evolved and dinosaurs got killed by some random meteor created by "science"

    here is the true story Science is real but God made it don't believe in evolution bull crap. It stated in the bible that one day Jesus Christ will come back to earth and destroy then he will judge everyone who used to be on earth sending them either to heaven or hell only believers will go to heaven.

  • No, he will not.

    This is logically flawed no matter what side of the fence you sit.

    On one hand, god is omnipotent, he can do anything. But he cant create a rock to heavy for him to lift, or he wouldn't be able to lift it. So an omnipotent god is impossible right off the bat, and if he isn't omnipotent, he isn't a god. The same arguments could be made for all of gods traits.

    On the other hand, if yo believe god is possible, actual and real, then you believe he is everywhere, for him to go from somewhere to somewhere else where he is not, ignores the fact that he is already there.

  • God doesnt really have enough proof to even exist, much less to punish us.

    There is no proof that God existed in this world, much less wants to come back to punish us for our sins. If God really existed, and wanted to come to Earth to eradicate us, what prevents him from doing it right now? Nothing, just a random date some priest picked.

  • First things first...

    To which god are we referring? There have been so many different deities throughout known history, and all have some sort of creation and destruction myth behind it. Therefore, a blanket question of whether or not god will come back to destroy us is illogical, unless you specify which god you are referring to, which then begs the question of if that god exists, why don't any of the others, and will they too return to destroy the earth?

    In short it just keeps going in circles. Circles are boring. Unless you're writing in circular Gallifreyan...Then circles are fun.

  • God doesn't need to come down to punish us.

    Let me first clarify that God is the Most Gracious and Most Merciful. God says that He is more Merciful and loving than a mother is to her newborn child. Now on towards the subject of punishment. God's mercy encompasses ALL things, but His wrath only inflicts upon those whom He wills, and when He punishes someone, it IS out of mercy, to correct them and make the person learn a lesson. Kind of how a parent might not give their child dessert for misbehaving, same with God. The question that 'God' will come DOWN to Earth is illogical, as God exists everywhere in the universe, He is omnipresent, He created the universe, He created time and space, He exists in all time periods and places in this massive world we live in. The theory that He needs to descend to Earth is illogical to the nature of God, if He wants to punish someone, all He has to do is make it part of His will, and nothing more.

  • Never "came" to Earth nor will he "come back" to Earth

    The concept of god and religion was created by the ancients to explain unexplainable things which today, with the power of science can explain. The fact that people still believe in a deity is quite crazy, and to see them refute provable things is wild. But people will believe things that they have been fed when they where little.

  • "God" is a myth.

    The Judeo-Christian concept of god is no more real than any of the other thousands of gods mankind has worshiped over the millennia.
    Not to mention of course that Christians have been claiming "god" is coming back to punish humans for a couple thousand years, each generation stating the "end times" were obviously at hand, with zero effect.

  • Very highly unlikely.

    If you believe that God is going to come back, then you need to think seriously about that. What God is for all intensive purposes is an imaginary friend made up to explain certain things that you can't. I prefer to get my answers from science, not people who know as little as I before I research a topic.

  • Depends if he's real

    If we're assuming there's a god than it depends which one, if it's the old testament christian one then yes, if it's the new testament christian one then no, if it's allah, perhaps. If it's the jewish G D then maybe. It all really depends which of the millions of religions is right (assuming there's a god which just to clear up I don't believe there is)

  • Logic says no

    Now, I am a christian, and I believe in God, much to the dismay of others here in the logic circle, and I believe in the Bible. However, logic dictates that God will not come back to punish us. But then again, we have no way of knowing God doesn't exist or not, and its just a matter of faith. If he does turn out to come, I will plead forgiveness. If he doesn't well, sorry. We're just going to have to wait.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Not Very Likely

    I see no reason to believe the claim that a god was ever on this planet so as to return, or for the claim that he/she/it will punish us (aside from the lack of evidence that anything that qualifies to use the English word "god" as a title actually exists).

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Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:32:40.910
This god you spoke of is not what I depict, brother. It will forever leave us alone and nothing more.