• Maybe till the end of the world. . . .

    Yes everything ends, But I guess by the time that google is gone, The world would have ended. When will we not need to search or browse the internet. Even if the entire world changed into VR all of a sudden we would still need a search engine to look stuff up. And google has gone a lot farther than any other search engine. So it will end, But not until Armageddon.

  • Google Will Always Be Around

    Google is a very big company. In fact, they employ over 33,000 people with a growth rate of about 33%. Google was founded in 1998, which means that Google has already been around for approximately 16 years. Google has done nothing but increase employment rates and change people's lives for the better over those 16 years. Google is the best company to work for, and it has been for 4 years (this is not an opinion, it is proven). Google has done nothing but grow and enhance over the past 16 years, and I believe that it has the capability to come even farther based on the journey that it has already traveled.
    - Emmaleigh Adams (14, MD)

  • Google Is Here To Stay

    Yes, Google will be around forever. The internet is something everyone uses and they are a huge part of everyone's internet experience. Google has also branched out and dove into a lot of avenues and are not just a search engine company anymore. This will ensure that they stay around a long time.

  • No it wont

    Google has a serious identity crisis. Sometime they think they are a social media network, and sometime they think of being a smartphone developer. All this is costing is them underperforming in their own feild which is a search engine. Moreover, most of their revenue comes from advertising which can change as per shift or advancement in technology.

  • No no no

    Everything dies out once and a while.. Nothing lasts forever... Google will slowly shut down just like the good old old fashioned websites which were 10x better than google.. No one and nothing will last forever .. We just have to wait and watch them close down slowly... No no

  • No

    Just like things in the world around us, everything is forgotten at some point, things die off.
    Let's look at Rome, or any other empire you would like to relate to, it was an amazing time for them, they had food, they had power, they had everything, eventually it all came crashing down. And Google will make those same mistakes, do people use Myspace anymore ( I hope they don't.), I think Google is about 2-9 steps away from pissing off A LOT of people, which will begin the downfall, I can't say what will rise next, but I'd guess Bing, mostly because it's the only other powerful one I can think of.

  • Everything fades

    Of course they won't be around forever, bulletproof titans of the connected world always fade. Google will no longer be a thing someday, which can be said for every other major company involved in similar behavior that they are. They all get blown out of the water by a quiet startup nobody saw coming eventually.

  • Nothing is infinite

    I think that Google will end eventually. Sure, some things are infinite, but for one thing, no company will last forever. Eventually technology will outrun Google, or maybe by the time humans begin to colonize other planets it will become too big of a company and will end. So, I have concluded that yes, it will end.

  • No...Forever is a long time.

    Nothing lasts forever, especially with technology. I don't think Google will last forever in its current form. Technology is ever changing, and companies must adapt to keep up with these changes. There are also new competitors like Bing that are entering the market and winning over crowds. Even looking at the browsers you use, my work browsers all had the Google search bar automatically added in. Now, we have Bing.

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