• Google will continue to grow at its current rate.

    Google will continue to grow at its current rate. Google has moved its business into mobile advertising and new small tablets to compete with tablets and kindles. Google currently dominates mobile advertising with 95% of the market share, and 52% market share for all mobile ads. Google's second growth revenue was up 35% from one year ago.

  • Yes, Goodle will continue to grow.

    I believe that the sky is the limit for Google, and it will continue to grow. I know a lot of people that use Google, and they have services that a lot of web search engines do not provide. Google will grow as they continue to offer new products to consumers.

  • Google will keep growing

    I feel that Google is unstoppable, they have a great brand and are really moving forward. I have a hard time believing that anyone or thing will be able to slow them down. I feel they will be at the top of their game for a very long time and will continue to grow.

  • Obviously not infinitely

    The rise of Google has been close to meteoric, but even with innovations such as Google Glass, a company can only grow so large. There are already signs of a slowdown. Unless the company finds completely new areas to move into, soon I'd expect to see things levelling off and moving into a profitable but stable phase.

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