• Yes. I believe that Google is a more diversified company with more growth opportunities than Apple.

    Google has an advantage over Apple in the fact that they sell their own devices and also offer their software to other companies. This allows them more revenue opportunities in the mobile device market. In addition, they have a comprehensive advertising business which Apple can never catch up to. As a result, Google has the potential to "dethrone" Apple both in the mobile device business and quite possibly down the road even in terms of sheer company size.

  • It's possible

    While the hardcore Apple fans are some of the most ridiculous people I've ever come across, they are a minority. Apple has had a lot more misses than hits since the loss of Steve Jobs, Google is going in the right direction as it always has. Apple isn't in trouble of becoming irrelevant, but they're certainly facing the possibility of being #2 behind Google.

  • Yes, Google Will Eventually Dethrone Them

    Google will eventually be better than Apple. Google has so many ventures that they are very successful in so its only a matter of time before they dethrone Apple in all areas. Google seems to be progressively moving forward while Apple is recycling ideas and over-charging consumers of their products.

  • No

    Apple is still coming up with more and more advanced technologies, while Google just started as a website and its still mostly that. Apple is more trusted by its customers that Google, no way will Google ever "dethrone" Apple. Its not even been a decade since Apple properly started, and now its a massive company in the business, and Media world

  • No

    I believe that Google will never dethrone Apple. Apple is one of the world's most advanced technology companies. Google should stick to running it's website and leave the technology making to Apple. It is possible that Google could work with Apple to make each other even better companies compared to the others but Google will never dethrone Apple.

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