• Accessorise is the Name of the Game

    Any object or accessory which is worn on the face or body will no doubt garner the attention of the fashion industry. If people wear this Google glass they will want to look good. I cannot see the Google glass go much further if it does not get the attention of the fashion world, because if this doesn't happen, maybe it won't last very long.

  • Yes, Google Glass is the wave of the future in fashion

    While it wasn't hard to predict this sort of technology coming into reality based on many science fiction novels, the impact it has on fashion will be incredible. Allowing more "smart" clothes will integrate technology into our fashion sense and change how we view devices and clothing in the same world.

  • Absolutely, Fashion is What Fashion Does.

    Just like the flaming attire seen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, technology has it's place in use as well as looks. Fashion has a weird way of incorporating the odd and not so common attire and twisting it to be "fashionable". Any industry that makes it's bank from the obscene and just plain ridiculous will sooner or later use technology as a fashion statement...Even if it isn't exactly useful (Prius and pocket dogs anyone?)

  • No, I believe these worlds will stay separate for now.

    I believe wearable technology has some work to do before making its appearance in the fashion world. Most wearable items to date are, at best, unsightly and at worst, downright hideous. I think the fashion world will only take notice if they can create something that is attractive even without any of the added benefits of glass.

  • Google Glass will not receive attention from the fashion world

    Google Glass, like many emerging technologies, will not receive much attention from the world of fashion. In the land of haute couture, technology does not have a primary role and is largely ignored. The focus in fashion is on the clothing and the uniqueness of said clothing. Technology, particularly minimalist hardware like Google Glass, cannot be modified and customized the same way that a shirt or dress can be. For these reasons, I believe Google Glass will be ignored by the fashion world.

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