• Something new and innovating

    Possibilities are endless. Think about a first person game on Google glass. Or the possibilities in education, media or in the job. People will stay connected and can share any moment with their friends, loved ones or colleagues.
    I think it has a great chance to become very successful, as long as the developers adopt it.

  • This Is revolutionary

    And the timing couldn't have been better a lot of people are just to curious to find out what the next big technological device will be that will rival cell phones right now and I believe this is it. The possibilities with the google glass are just too interesting to ignore I will buy a pair the day they hit stores.

  • Besides the fact that it looks awesome,

    There are many potential benefits. But first, the privacy. Really, what is the difference between people taking your picture all the time with their iPhones and then people taking your picture all the time with Google Glass? I must be in thousands of people's pictures just from walking across campus! With what I have seen, the design is quite user friendly, keeping the stuff you are looking at just out of your main area of viewing, as well as being transparent. I can't wait to get one! I know I get lost a lot riding my bike around and it is very stressful. It would be nice to have a map right there whenever I need it and still be able to keep both hands on the handle bar.

  • They know what they're doing.

    This is the kind of technology that really interests people and that people are looking for. Google knows what it is doing and it will be able to make a successful product. Google Glass seems to be grabbing people's attention and gaining in popularity. Whether or not that is a good thing, though, is an entirely separate question.

  • Google Glass will be successful

    Google Glass is a huge leap in personal technology. Possibly more important than that, is that it is what people have expected future technology to look like. This kind of science fiction appeal along with its actual usefulness should lead to a success of iPad like levels, especially with its supposed affordable price.

  • Google Glass will be successful in a number of ways, but it may take time.

    The concept of Google Glass is wonderful for tourism, education and so much more. As anew and truly innovative product there is still a lot to learn about best practices in using Google Glass. For tourism, a person wearing Google Glass could give an overview of an area, such as the Grand Canyon. Special attractions could be pointed out, with clickable links to wikipedia articles that give more information. For education Google Glass could record a chemistry lecture, along with the lecturer's notes. This recording could be part of the class site, with links to further explain concepts. With a brand new technology such as Google Glass it may just take time to realize the many uses and benefits.

  • It needs to fail, and we need to do something to stop that thing!

    If it don't fail we will lose all our privacy, just take a look at the article 12 of the Universal declaration of human rights, when somebody points a camera at you you know that they are filming or taking a picture but that abominous glass won't let us know if anybody is taking a picture to put it in the internet.
    PRIVACY IS A HUMAN RIGHT! Such as life or freedom.
    Protect thy rights, and fight against those glasses!

  • Google glass will not be the smash hit the makers are hoping for

    Google glass in theory is an awesome idea and some people will be more than willing to volunteer to have an expensive and obvious computer to wear on their face. Many people are going to balk at the bulky design and obviousness of the device. Google glass will be something people will want to experience for the novelty and the ability to be one of the "cool" kids but it will likely fade away without being a huge hit.

  • Multitasking is Dangerous

    It has been proven that people are incapable of multitasking. People are only able to complete one task at a time. People are not able to focus their eyes on the screen and what is in front of them at the same time rendering the device dangerous. Ultimately there will be negative responses to such dangers. Similar to texting and driving epidemic, laws will prohibit the glass on motorways and possibly in all public places if too many people hut themselves, or others, because they are too focused on the device.

  • It simply doesn't look good

    Google Glass is unique in that you have to wear it virtually all the time to use it properly, and in that sense it becomes a fashion statement; so it has to look good. At this point in time, it simply doesn't look like something most people will want to wear on their heads all the time, and that will really hurt its chances of success.

  • all of Google glass apps are on phone or computers.

    I think they would success but also i felt that it is a little odd because the phone or the laptop can already do the same thing as the google glass. It would be a waste of money for buying something like that. On the other side, google ideas are great but they need to have something unique, one of a kind to be able to success. If the google has something like that, i would say a big yes :D

  • Privacy Issues and Mix-ups.

    Google Glass will not work due to the fact that:
    1: Privacy issues. I don't want people taking photos of me everywhere doing something.
    2: It's pretty much like walking and texting. You won't be exactly able to see where you are going and the glasses will break easy, they will get cloudy, all of that. Plus people will be tons of more distracted like how they are not with IPhones.
    3: If everyone has them, God knows what could happen. I mean yes, It would be cool, but when you think about reality, It could be very dangerous.

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