• How to lookcompletely stupid

    Wear a google glass and not only look like a complete jerk but let everyone know you are too dense to even walk down the street without being told how to do it. In the future you will be able to tell which people are glass users,they will be the ones running around in a blind panic because the "system" has crashed . Meanwhile all the normal people will be just getting on with it .If google glass is the future then I will live in the past thanks.

  • Imagine the worst

    Glass will not only undermine the wearer's privacy, but also the privacy of everyone the wearer looks at. People can be facial tagged as being in a location. When glass shows the wearer an advertisement it immediately knows if you're interested (pupil dilation). If you look at an attractive woman, your pupils dialate. Glass will know your tax data, pin number etc. (as you look at your ATM machine). Google might put this info in a vault and not share it (yeah right! -hahaha) But what if their database is hacked. What about the NSA snooping on unencrypted datacenter connections in Google. Need I say more.

  • End of privacy

    Humans evolved without this. It's redundant. It will become another expensive dangerous distraction which will lead to increased stress and anxiety and many traffic deaths. I don't like talking to electronic circuitry. If people are doing this all the time it will be irritating to say the least. Privacy will be lost.

  • Please Respect Privacy Rights!

    I urge everyone else to stand up and say NO to tyranny!

    It is worse off than big brother!

    Google Glass is a fraud and a scam to get us all setup for slaughter for one day!

    All of the sheeples are destroying all of our constitutional rights!

    Please Stop Google Glass Right Now Before It Is Too Late!

  • Yes Google Glass will be the end of privacy

    I think that Google has extended itself too far, and now Google Glass will be the end of our privacy. Google has already infringed on our privacy by launching Google Earth, and with Google Glass I feel that Google is taking the infringement of privacy one step too far and taking it away from us.

  • Privacy Was Dead Long Before Google Glass

    Google Glass is no more a problem than hidden cameras and secretive recording. And Google Glass is only one part of the inevitable climb towards fully masking humans in electronics, and if it were not for Google Glass there would be something else. The product might also be too premature to be judged. The future is inevitable. Google Glass helps wearers navigate spaces by showing nearby information such as directions, restaurants or reminders. As long as most of the users do not record people naked, it should be fine. History has proved that it is helpful to innovation to tinker around and try new things, even if initially silly.

  • The intrusive world will exist, but it can be fun or boring.

    Cities already have cameras all over and phones can already be intrusive. Privacy is already gone, and Google Glass could only have a minimal role. Technology is already advancing so much that it is progressing towards full body coverage, and Google Glass is just another form. But the ability to navigate up close or to be fully intimate about one's environment will be beneficial. And the product has not been around for long, so most judgements about it are premature.

  • Google Glass will not be the end of privacy.

    Google Glass will not be the end of privacy. We accepted Facebook and Twitter in our lives and do not really complain about privacy for the most part. I think this is another stepping stone to the technology world and if we hinder this then we will be missing out on other creative devices to come out in the future.

  • No , it cant be !

    Google glass is good for finding land marks and all . Its true that it can take picture but everyone is not the same . Some might use google glass in good way like taking photos of strange peoples to sent them to police . It can also make us to have a best contact with far away family or friends by showning vidoes and pictures .

  • Regulations will Arrive

    First of all, I still believe that Google Glass is a long way from being a viable product in the marketplace. Even when (or if) Google figures out how to get the details worked out and begins to sell it on a large scale, regulations on use and software will follow quickly behind to protect privacy. Consumers will not allow it to go much further.

  • No, Google Glass is just another image sharing program.

    You have the option of sharing your photos or location when using Google Glass. There are features that allow you to ask Google Glass questions or to update our location if you're out with friends or at an event you want people to know about. As long as you customize your settings, your privacy shouldn't be compromised.

  • No amount of cameras hidden in glasses will see everything.

    Camera mounted glasses have been with us for a few years. Google Glass will be more sophisticated and maybe someone less obtrusive but most people are going to understand the technology and it's potential fairly quickly. Just because I carry an iPad around am I going to be smarter? No.

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