Will Google Play All Access outdo Spotify and Pandora?

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  • That wont happen.

    I honestly don't really like Google Play. I'm not saying that it's difficult, but it is more difficult to use than Pandora and Spotify. I usually use Spotify (I love it sooo much), but I'm currently using Pandora as we speak. Google can not catch up. Keep trying, Google!! Haha.

  • No, free models will not be outdone by a subscription

    Google Play All Access appears to provide a good product, but at $10 a month, Spotify and Pandora will still have their places in the steaming music market. To be sure, Google is a software giant, but Google+ has proved that it's success is not guaranteed. Many people will be wary of All Access for that reason, and others will avoid it simply because it is a paid service. Pandora's free streaming service may not have as many features, but it does suffice for people who want a simple player. Free will always have a market.

  • No, it won't.

    Just like with the Zune (which, let's face it.. Was a FAR better device than the ipod), it came out too late. The market is already cornered by familiar and accessible programs and people tend to show a large degree of product loyalty towards the item (or program) that they started off on.

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