• Google Wins the War

    I have to believe that Google has the ability to prevent any fake "Download" and "Play" buttons from harming their users since they are the #1 search engine. Google is a household name and a brand that will live long and prosper. The war is much deeper than a simple fake button.

  • I do no think it will be possible

    Don't get me wrong, it is a great and wonderful thing that Google is trying to do. I've mistakenly clicked these fake "Download" and "Play" buttons myself, but I just don't think it will be possible. There are just so many of these fake buttons on various sites, I just can't comprehend Google being able to forcefully get rid of them.

  • Google is big, but it's not the entire internet

    Google controls a massive amount of what people are able to see and find on the internet. However, websites can be created independent of Google. And even though Google controls a lot of advertisements, many websites that have nothing to do with Google are going to employ advertisements that have false "download" and "play" buttons. Google is great at helping people to avoid sketchy websites, but it'll never eradicate the spawn of them.

  • No, Google will not win the war against fake "download" and "play" buttons.

    Google will not win the war against fake "download" and "play" buttons because those are typically created for the purpose of getting people to click on them and then download viruses, so the people making them are malicious. They are smart and they are willing to continually sneak in fake download and play buttons onto streaming content websites to get people to accidentally download their viruses.

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