• It has its pros and cons.

    The Chromebook has a very small hard drive for which it won't need because the chromebook only supports online work. It also uses up a lot of space just for a laptop. The book costs around $200 just for a tablet with a screen, which can't do much anyway. Microsoft offers more with tablet that supports all the same features and many more at just about the same price. The book is fast and efficient and has a powerful modem, but just wastes all that power on the web. The book does however defeat other laptops in their purposes as on the go devices and a cheap internet source due to their fast speed and its structural integrity; other laptops just can't handle a year in a school. The book would be great for students and business men, but it just doesn't serve a better purpose. It's too much of a waste of power and money (except if its for a class).

  • Google Usually Gets What It Wants

    Google has an extremely good record when it comes to its products. Their search engine leaves Bing in the dust. Chrome is the best browser, and the Nexus tablet is a good alternative to the iPad Mini. So, the Chromebook Pixel has a good chance of attracting and keeping loyal customers.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, it will be successful.

    I think that it is fair to say that Google as a company can really seem to do nothing wrong. Every product that they release ends up being a surefire hit. People had their doubts about the Android phone operating system, and look at how that whole thing turned out!

  • It's not really designed for success.

    The Chromebook Pixel is kind of the "doorstep" to more reasonable, better priced computers. When you get the point when you start comparing it's specs and success to computers like Macbooks, they've got what they wanted. It's not designed for success; it's to make a computer that people will respect, follow, and begin to compare with popular, renowned computers.

  • It is too costly for what you get.

    The Chromebook itself is a costly laptop with no hard drive. The Chromebook Pixel is the same. Consumers are paying for a "pretty" laptop instead of something they can actually use. It has no hard drive, very little memory, and is heavier. Laptops are meant for easy on-the-go tasks, for those who travel a lot for work and for students. With the lack of storage space, it makes all of these things very hard to do. If they made it with more memory, then this would be a great buy, otherwise people would be better off going with a different brand.

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