• Yes, I think that Google self-driving cars better drivers than people.

    1.Most accidents happen because of guilty of drivers. Very often drivers get behind the wheel in a state of alcoholic or narcotic effect or drivers just fall asleep while they are driving. This leads to disastrous consequences. At least even at this self-driving car better than person.
    2. Unfortunately , in our society are many people that have problems with vision and because of this they can not drive a car . This Google-car will be a good alternative for them.
    3. Also I think that in some crisis situation on road unmanned car react quicker and better than person. Because people in such situations are " lost". Also good that this self-driving car complete clear commands that are programmed at him. People very often are not attentive on the road.

  • Not at first but in the end they will drive better.

    I believe that self driving cars will drive better than people. The computer will follow a standard, not get sleepy, make human errors or drive erratically when it is late for work. The think they will initially be blamed for wrecks caused by people but eventually be a standard that minimizes or even eliminates bad driving. This was a topic my wife and I had as we drove through D.C.!

  • They will. Maybe not now, but later.

    First of all, the new cars have an advantage. They do not get drunk, tired, angry, distracted, or anything else of that sort. This is an advantage. They already have eclipsed the ability of disabled persons in the U.S. There is also room to improve. Our technology is greatly advancing, leaving the eventual winning of the robots(concerning robots... Not Terminator).

  • Well, I guess They couldn't be worse

    When it comes to driving some people could use a refresher course at best. So, I don't see the harm in trying these self drving cares. Yes, there are some concerns here for example we are again putting something in the hands of computers, and i think we might have done enough of that. At the same token a computer won't have problems or concerns on its mind while driving, drive while under the influence or text while driving so that is a plus in itself.

  • Google's Self-Driving Cars will User Better Judgment than People

    Google's self-driving cars are not distracted by cell phones, the radio, or the kids fighting in the back seat. The self-driving cars have faster "reflexes" than human drivers so they can react better to dangerous conditions. Self-driving cars won't get road rage when another driver cuts them off. They won't be tempted to exceed the speed limit or run a red light.

  • No Self-Driving Cars

    I believe that there shouldn't be self-driving cars because what if the car malfunctions cause not all robots/computers can function correctly. Also what exactly can the Google cars detect. Can they detect anything other than cars. If there is a random box on the freeway, will the car be able to detect it and avoid it?

  • No, Google's self-driving cars will not be better drivers than people.

    No, Google's self-driving cars will not perform better than a human driver. It is my belief that a man made machine, such as Google's self driving car, will lack the reactionary skills required within the chaotic process of driving. Furthermore, I doubt that a machine can rationally interpret the irrational actions of drivers.

  • I don't think Google's self-driving cars will be better drivers than people

    I don't believe that Google's self-driving cars will be better drivers than people because basically they are computers driving and there's always possibility of error. In theory, they sound perfect, but in reality I think they are also prone to make mistakes. In future, who says someone won't be able to hack into car programs and be able to crash them from the distance?

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